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WIN Original Paintings!

Hi folks,

I got an exciting promotion I'm sharing today, as a way to say thank you to all members for being here.

You can win......

Not one...

BUT .....two original paintings! YES!!

As a member you're automatically entered in the contest for Painting #1 Giveaway.

However, if you share this contest with family and friends, and they become members, your name will get entered to win a 2nd original painting!!! All you need to do is share this message, your friend clicks the link (making sure to tell me WHO referred them, and your name will be entered for Painting #2 Giveaway. You can share with unlimited people and get unlimited entries when they join our wonderful community.

Let the fun begin..... here's the link:

Good luck... and watch your emails for announcement of winners on May 31st.

Painting #1 Giveaway

Painting #2 Giveaway


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