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Any painting I've ever done can be produced as a print upon request by contacting Me.

The following have already been produced and are available immediately.



"VIRAGO" comes from the Latin word virāgō meaning a 'man-like' female warrior or heroine. The title signified respect and admiration, and was earned by a woman who surpassed expectations believed possible for her gender. Joan of Arc was considered a 'virago' for example.


We all have a mixture of masculine and feminine energy. Feminine energy is a being or a receptive energy - a feeling of connection and being in flow. Masculine energy is a doing energy - a motivational drive to get things done. We need both. They complement each other, and we use them in different degrees depending on the situation. 


Women, especially in leadership roles, learned if we were to thrive we needed to toughen up, so we did. We tapped into our masculine energy, silenced our emotions, and relied more on rationale than intuition in our decision-making. In many ways, we lost touch with inner guidance, compassion, self-belief, and the joy of simply being present.


Much of our culture focuses on the masculine energy of doing, pushing, producing, going; etc. While that is necessary to a certain degree, feminine energy has gotten pushed aside.  Imagine how the world would change if more people embraced and used this being energy alongside the doing energy! 


My painting "VIRAGO" symbolizes a re-connection to the divine feminine within. We can remain a heroic warrior, but we must not deny the power of our being energy. Tapping into the feminine teaches us to look inward rather than outward for fulfilment - to use compassion, kindness, intuition and creativity in our interactions with others. The divine feminine shows us we already have everything inside. We are already whole. We are enough, and we are worthy of great love and happiness. 

Storm Warrior

"Storm Warrior" stands as a victory symbol for every woman that has struggled her way through one of life's storm.  Everyone has been through something. If not personally, then you've been through it with a family member or a friend. Struggles, their consequences, and the fight for survival over adversity has at some point touched us all. We are all Storm Warriors. 

The piece shows a woman moving out of the storm towards a brighter future.  There is hope and light.  She is getting through it. 

It is my wish that "Strom Warrior" reminds you of just how strong you are. You are not a victim of your circumstances. Rather, you are a warrior that has chosen to stand strong for your future.  You can walk away from the storm knowing it has made you the person you were meant to be.  

Available in 2 different sizes:

-Signed & Numbered/20) Limited Edition Prints 12 x 16 inches (matted size is 16 x 20 inches)= $75 CAD

-8 x 10 inch Prints (matted size is 10 x 12 inches = $40 CAD


Time is like the tide. It comes, it goes, and it stops for nothing or no one.

Are you using your time to move towards your dreams, or further away from them? The choice is yours. You have everything you need to cultivate a life of happiness and success. If you believe in yourself and believe that you are enough, then you can and will create a joyful and fulfilled life.

You have the power within you. Flow with the tide of your life instead of against it. What are you waiting for? Time? Are you sure you will have enough of it? Start today by believing that YOU CAN DO IT. 

This image is available as a 10x12 inch matted print = $40 CAD

Through the Church Window


It was a cold winter’s day in 1988. I always sat on the right side of the church because from there I could see down to the beach. That day the sea was very rough. It looked angry, just as angry as I felt. I was raging on the inside just as hard as the sea was pounding outside, maybe more. 

I remember cursing HIM and the sea for all it had taken from me, from my family. The tears welled up again and I wanted to run out of that church so bad, but I knew I couldn’t deal with drawing more attention to myself.  So I swallowed real hard until the lump was pushed down as far as I could get it. 

Grief and anger are very powerful emotions. They hold an energetic super-charge that has the power to make or break us. It is so strong that it’s easy to forget that we hold all the power. The decision on how to weave it into our life’s fabric is 100% ours. If we believe it will break us, then it will. If we believe it will make us stronger, then it will.    


This image is available as a 10x12 inch matted print = $40 CAD

"Mr. Larry's Meadow"

Two Sizes Available

Mr. Larry's Meadow brings back childhood memories of my small home town of St. Shotts, Newfoundland. It is a very recognizable viewpoint known to all that come from St. Shotts. The piece is also a reflection of simpler times when children ran and played in fields and made stacks of hay for the animals when the sun shined.

Available in two sizes of matted prints:

13 x 16 inch print with white border = $50 CAD

5 x 7 inch print with white mat (matted size is 8 x 10 inches = $20 CAD

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