Team Building Seminar

Many employees as well as managers need to depend on their instincts in order to best serve their clients. To be effective and efficient, they must trust their ability to make the right decisions, sometimes rapidly. Michelle’s Team Building Seminars re-enforce participant’s capacity for thinking intuitively, making pro-active decisions, and creating innovative solutions.


Through guided exploration and focused activities participants reconnect experientially with their own source of wisdom and intuition. In doing so, they re-establish trust in their decision-making process, and re-ignite stronger belief in their own abilities. Participants leave the seminar with a renewed sense of self that overflows in their personal and professional lives.  


Depending on your group's mandate, Michelle can tailor the team building event to match your company’s or organization's mandate and mission.


Contact Michelle to inquire about group rates, specific event requirements, and availability of dates.

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