What would your life look like if you:

- felt confident

- believed in yourself

- knew the right answers

- made the right decisions

- had fulfilling relationships

- discovered your unique gifts & 

used all of the above to create the life of your dreams?

Navigating your way through life

is challenging.

However, if you have the right tools and mindset techniques, your journey can flow with much more ease and joy.

"Be the Lighthouse" is a 6-wk coaching program that teaches you how to resolve mental blocks, overcome limiting beliefs, and end self-sabotaging habits and patterns that have been holding you back from the life you deserve.

You will learn how to:

- cut through the fog of mental chatter and silence limiting beliefs

- focus inward to access your soul's compass by using creativity

- regulate emotions by understanding what's driving them

- energetically reconnect and align with inner guidance

- create the life you want and go get it!

Two options to choose from:

Small Group or

Individual 1-to-1

Coaching Program

Both options run for 6 weeks and include:

- weekly training video

- weekly homework assignment & feedback

- weekly 1-hr zoom coaching call (Q&A)

- email support throughout the week

- support + additional trainings within a private pop-up Facebook group just program participants 

* Both options contain the same content and delivery. However, due to the one-to-one nature of the Individual Option, the client's specific issues will be addressed during our private sessions. General Q/A will happen for all clients during the zoom call and via email when required. 

Join the Wait-list for

next offering: early-Fall 2020

Group program

Benefit from group support and shared

experiences in the Group Program

Individual program

Receive all benefits of Group Program as well as individual 1-to-1 coaching on your specific issues.


Wk 1-"The Structure": foundational principles that cut thru the fog

Wk 2-"The Stairwell": connecting past, present and future

Wk 3-"The Gallery": looking beyond 'growth edges' to see the horizon

Wk 4-"The Lamp": finding your light and activating the soul’s compass  

Wk 5-"The Beam": aligning core energy with future experiences

Wk 6-"The Beacon": illuminating your way forward 

Both programs unfold weekly as follows:

Sun. - receive a training video via email

Wed. - mid-week LIVE training supplement within private FB Group

Mon. to Fri. - complete weekly assignments

Fri. - submit homework via email

Sat. - meet on zoom for coaching session + Q/A

Additional support:

1.) Email access to Michelle throughout the week

2.) Access to a private pop-up FB group where you can interact with Michelle and other program participants throughout the week

Added bonuses:

1.) Mid-week 'check-in' LIVE sessions with Michelle inside the pop-up FB group to address any issues or blocks

2.) Each program participant, upon completion of the program, will receive an original print of my painting: "The Cape" (pictured on promo & valued at $50).

Note: Time differences will be accommodated as much as possible for the Saturday Group zoom call. Once everyone is registered, we can take a consensus.


Zoom calls for those on the Individual program will be arranged with each person privately. "Individual" track participants also receive access to the group zoom (as an observer).

If you can't make the Zoom call in person, no worries - you'll receive a link to view/review a recording of the call. 


There are no specific supplies required, however for several of the exercises you'll need something to write in such as a journal or notebook.

In WK #3 you'll be exercising your creative curiosity. You'll be led through an art-creation process. Don't worry, this is NOT about making a perfect piece of art, but rather about how creating art can help you discover more about yourself.


So, you'll need some basic art supplies - paper, crayons, pencils, markers, paints; etc. The materials you use are totally up to you, and they do not need to be elaborate or costly. I'll discuss this further in WK 3 lesson.

Got a question? Reach out:


Think about what you want to change in your life.

No matter how much doubt you may have, I'm here to tell you that you can truly change.

You simply need

a different approach.

You need practical tools, easy techniques and creative ways to manage your thinking.

You need to learn how to make your brain work

for you, not against you.

You need to tap into your own guidance and motivation to get

the results you truly want.

Hi, I'm Michelle and I'm a Transformational Coach.  

My new program, "Be the Lighthouse"  gives clients the tools and techniques to access inner strength and guidance while developing their own well-lit path to a life full of courage, confidence, and certainty. 

I'll let you in on 'not-so-well-known' secret: We're already equipped with the necessary tools, knowledge, and skills required to create a happy and fulfilling life, but many of us lose our way along the way. The fog of life temporarily blinds us to our own power.


"Be the Lighthouse"  will guide you - Mind, Body and Soul - back to yourself. The tools, techniques and mind-shifting practices you'll learn, will help you to create a future that's right for you - a future free of doubt, fear and uncertainty.

A quick note about me: I grew up at Cape Pine Lighthouse in Newfoundland, Canada. Yep, I'm a lighthouse girl. This means that marine metaphors are are part of my DNA, so you'll see them sprinkled throughout the program's content. It's a part of who I am, and I like using metaphors to more easily explain things. 


I'm a teacher by trade, a creative at heart and a coach by practice.  I aim to bring all parts of myself to the learning process by incorporating creative activities with mindfulness practices within the structure of a teaching framework.


Developing a stronger connection with inner guidance - which I call the Soul's Compass - is at the core of all my creative work, teachings and programs.

I would love to help you unlock this part of yourself because I truly believe that you can ......

Change your life today with....


Learn how to live courageously and fully believe in yourself without fear of judgement or rejection.


Learn how to access inner guidance and strength to confidently meet life's challenges in a more relaxed and open way.


Learn how to make decisions with ease, and eliminate fear and doubt.  

No more second guessing yourself! 

This is what I know:

YOU can Be the Lighthouse of your own life.

YOU can face life’s storms with confidence and strength.

YOU can stop second guessing yourself.

YOU can live a happy and fulfilling life on your own terms.

YOU can heal your past and use it to create your future.

I know it's possible because I've done it.

Your past experiences have made you who you are today.

You get to choose how to use them to create a brighter tomorrow.

I'd be honoured to work with you.  

Nothing would give me greater joy than seeing

YOU light up your life.

I hope you decide to become a "Beamer"

A few words from others:

"I've been working with Michelle for several months and I'm continuously astounded at her ability to turn complex ideas into everyday language, and provide the tools to guide me."

~ Teddy, Individual Client 

(chat with me via email)

"Michelle has been down many of the same roads others are enduring. Her knowledge is not just gained through her training, but also from first hand experience." 

~ Hughena 

"Manage your Mind" Client

"Connecting with Michelle’s wisdom and encouragement has been a guiding light in my healing journey. She truly helped me realize my talents and positive qualities to move forward along my authentic path!"

~ Tim, Individual Client 

(chat with me via email)

"When someone has a way of asking the right questions to guide you to the right answers, that's a winning combo. Michelle has helped me feel more confident in making decisions, trusting my intuition and choosing what's right for me. She 'gets' people."

~ Judy 

"Manage your Mind" Client 

(Chat with me via email)

"Michelle has so much power to help others along their self-discovery journey. She possesses a strength that comes from her own personal growth. She is a beacon of light for many." 

~ Denise 

"Manage your Mind" Client 

"Michelle is a true authentic visionary, being in her presence will open up a whole new realm if you are are open and willing to expand your understanding of self care and growth."

~ Lisa 

Business Collaborator

Group program

Benefit from group support and shared

experiences in the Group Program

Individual program

Receive all benefits of Group Program as well as individual 1-to-1 coaching on your specific issues.