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Soul Sister Summit

Soul Sister Summit

"When sisters gather

and the spirit wind blows,

seeds of happiness are

nurtured and scattered

wherever they need to go."

~ Michelle Myrick

Can you relate?

Your to do list is a mile long, but you continue to work on it. It looks like you're getting ahead, but you feel exhausted and worn-down.


Even though your health may be suffering, you push forward - "no pain, no gain", right? The strangest thing is the more you gain, the emptier you feel! You wonder how you got here.

Something's gotta give, but you don't know what. The sense of emptiness, uneasiness, disconnection, and uncertainty is throwing you off your game. What little confidence you had seems to be disappearing, and it's being replaced with fear and doubt for the future.

Is this all there is? You wonder what happened to your 'spark' for life? After years of putting everyone's else's needs first, you know that the time has come to take care of YOU.

You know this feeling of disconnection is affecting your relationships, your work, your mental well-being..... but you're not sure how to fix it.

Sister, the cavalry has arrived! Your tribe is here, and we're reaching out to you. We're throwing you the red ring.... Grab it!


Join us to learn how to stop living life on autopilot. We'll teach you how to change your thinking, and re-ignite your connection with your own all-knowing inner wisdom - your own personal guidance system that unfortunately has been drowned out by the noise of life. 


How would you feel to be so certain and assured in your decision-making that you'd never again lie awake again at night wondering what to do?


How do you think that would affect your life, your relationships, your work?


Soul Sister Summit will take you from feeling lost and depleted to feeling energized, empowered, and excited to create your life from a place of divine intention.


You will learn how to design your life from your most sacred place, your soul... and do it in the safe community of sisterhood.

When women gather with purpose and intention - magic happens!

This is for you if...

- you're ready to leave behind that empty-feeling, and awaken to your own gifts, talents, and soul's purpose.

- you're willing to unlearn self-sabotaging patterns of thinking, and learn how to love yourself wholeheartedly and completely.

- you're tired of feeling stuck, and know there must be something more to life than what you're experiencing.

- you're ready to be guided in accessing inner wisdom, intuition, or your soul's message. 

- you're ready to stop living half-way, and you desire to intentionally create a life that is full of spark, enthusiasm, and meaning.

- you're longing for true, genuine connection not just with yourself, but with a sisterhood of women who are on a similar path and wish to enhance, expand and enrich each other's lives. 

Image by Becca Tapert
When Women Commune

A special kind of synergy happens when women gather in support of one another.


A special circle of love and kindness becomes a sacred space to feel safe, to show up, to share our stories, to stand in our truth, to be seen and heard.


This kind of connection opens us up to shifting our perspective. It helps us to transform, to restore our energies, and to heal our lives.

A gathering of like-hearted sisters has the power to show us what we look like through the eyes of love. It instills belonging and helps us accept our true selves.

Soul Sister Summit is about peeling away the layers of false beliefs, rediscovering the truth of who you are, and choosing to live from a place of self-honesty, awareness and authenticity. 


It is a full day of self-care, soul-care, and sisterhood all rolled into one. Through guided activities you will reconnect with, and learn how to listen to your inner voice and intuition - the voice of your soul.

You will use its' message to create a unique and meaningful piece of affirmation art you can take home with you. (No previous art experience required). 

Sample Itinerary

We learn best by doing, and at Soul Sister Summit you'll participate in an experiential event.


Throughout the day, you will engage in fun and creative guided activities designed to aid in accessing intuition, building confidence and developing greater self-awareness. 




"Opening Circle": Short introduction and discussion on the power of feminine energy, and the benefits reigniting this part of yourself rather than predominantly using your masculine energy in order to to fit into a man-made world. 


Session #1: We will start with a heart-opening meditation. In order to hear your voice of intuition, you need to shut down the volume of everything else. The channel through which you do that is the heart chakra. You will learn how to open your heart chakras in order to receive your soul's message. 


Session #2: Next you'll participate in a short writing exercise and a visualization process that will help you set your overall intention for the day - teaching you how to get clear on what it is you wish to accomplish or transform.


Session #3: Following a short break, we'll introduce the topic of using nature as a guide for increasing intuitiveness and personal growth. Weather-permitting, we will take a short stroll outside.


Lunch Break: Once the walk has been completed, we'll take a short lunch-break: soup, sandwiches, tea and coffee will be provided. If you have specific dietary requirements, please feel free to bring your lunch.


Session #4: A short demonstration by a guest speaker and/or service provider. 


Session #5: For approximately two hours, Michelle will guide you through a creative art-making process using the inner wisdom you uncovered in the morning's sessions. Everyone will receive the same instruction, but create a unique piece of art - a unique and meaningful expression of your own truth. No experience required. All materials supplied. Please wear appropriate clothing, or bring an old shirt or smock.


Session #6: You'll use your intuitive learning from the day's activities to determine the immediate steps to take for growth and expansion moving forward in life. 


"Closing Circle": If comfortable in doing so (you will NOT be pressured), you'll be encouraged to share what you've learned, explain the significance of the art piece you created, and describe the ways in which you plan to move forward. 



Due to Covid-19, all 2020 events have been cancelled.

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