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Sunday, November 14th Masterclass 

November’s Masterclass will focus on IFS - Internal Family Systems - a model that was founded and developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz about 30 years ago. 

Schwartz describes the different parts of self as an internal family. Sometimes they get along, and sometimes they don’t. 

If you’ve ever uttered a phrase like, “one part of me says yes, and another part says no”, then you are already aware that there are different parts to you (almost like different personalities) and sometimes they just don’t agree.

IFS is all about understanding all those different parts of SELF and how they interact so you can calm the internal battle or conflict. 

It’s a model that can help you (your true and whole SELF) take charge of your parts rather than your parts taking charge of you.

Once you have a clear understanding of your different parts, then you can bring them into unison and harmony.

This improves your most important relationship - your relationship with yourSELF and it is from that space that peace, contentment and happiness can flow. 

IFS is also sometimes called “Self-Leadership” because it focuses on taking a more active, responsible role for your choices and responses.

The thing is, our parts get forced into extreme roles as a result of the external circumstances we are exposed to and this is how we become divided and conflicted from our true SELF.

The good news is that our parts are not static. They can be calmed and changed. 

Once these parts are reassured that it’s safe and secure, they’ll gladly transform into valuable members of our internal family. :-)


IFS is a fascinating approach to a deeper understanding of SELF and I’m so excited to share what I’ve learned with you in the upcoming Masterclass. 

In our 90 minutes together, you’ll learn:

  • What and Internal Family System (IFS) is and how this model can benefit you

  • The 3 distinct types of parts with the IFS model and what they mean: firefighters, managers & exiles

  • How to use the IFS Model to heal parts of Self you’ve had little access to in the past 

  • A 6-step process for healing using IFS as well as simple and efficient IFS exercises and techniques you can begin using immediately


If IFS is totally new to you, or you’ve heard about it and would like to know more, then this class will inform you and equip you with tools you can start using right away.

We hope you can join us for this one.


See you there,


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DATE: Sunday, November 14th


LIVE TIME: 10:00 AM Eastern /4:00 PM Central European Time

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FEE: $25 USD

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DATE: Sunday, November 17th

LIVE TIME: 10:00 AM Eastern /4:00 PM Central European Time

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FEE: $25 USD