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Image by Maryna Yazbeck

The story of

Ammo Artworks

The letters AMMO are actually the initials for my full name: Anne Michelle Myrick Olsen.

When I decided to set up a company to sell my paintings, the name just seemed to fit.


But let me back up a little so you get the full picture of how I ended up where I am now and how AMMO Artworks has evolved into much more than a company that sells paintings.

I've been a singer/songwriter and musician for 35+ years, but when I began painting a few years ago, everything changed. It has opened up my life by reconnecting me with my intuition in a way nothing else has in the past.

Reconnecting with the truest part of my self and allowing my soul's compass to guide me has been the greatest gift and accomplishment of my life thus far. Painting has been one of my biggest teachers and greatest tools for self-discovery.


Who would have ever thought a paintbrush would have led to publishing my first book, releasing a full album of original songs, and becoming a certified coach all within a 3-year period?! Certainly not me!


For decades, I've had a deep desire to heal years of personal trauma. The day that I decided to paint my original songs was the day that my deepest healing began. (see"Song Series" for full story). 

AMMO Artworks began as an art-based company to sell my paintings, prints, cards, books and cd. It has now evolved to also include the Art of Awareness Academy - a new venture that I'm super excited to share with the world.......... AND to see where it leads.

Life is an adventure my friend, but it's up to us to chart our course.

If you're tired of just 'getting by' and are ready to take a bite out of life, then reach out. I'd love to help you explore your potential. 

Here's to you and your continued journey of awakening and awareness.

~ Michelle

Image by Maryna Yazbeck

When creating anything - art, music, writing, programs; etc, I seek to find an opening for emotional resolution. I look for different perspectives and try to find ways to use them to evoke a different response. 


No matter what medium I use, I seek to discover a lesson from the personal experiences that have shaped who I am and who I'm becoming. I ask my intuition to guide me ... and it always does.

Click below to see my work, or use the "Shop" tab on the menu to see everything. 

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