CREATIVITY & CONFIDENCE make the Best Bed-Fellows

Everything new I’ve ever done, I’ve been afraid to do it.

The newness scared me because I lacked confidence. It was something I'd never done it before, so I wasn’t sure if I could actually do it. This fear applied to new jobs, new relationships, new styles, new recipes, new creative works; etc.

Fear of failure holds us back from so many opportunities and lessons in life. No one ever wants to fail. No one ever wants to look stupid or foolish. No one ever wants to lose money, status, or position.

At the onset of attempting something new, we often overlook a simple fact - failure has the ability to teaches us so much, sometimes more, than what success can sometimes teach us. That’s because we really do learn from our mistakes.

I’m not a fan of the word ‘mistake’. I don’t particularly like the connotation it carries, or the way it's usually used... as in 'failure'.

What is a ‘mistake’ anyway? I prefer to look at it a bit differently. I choose to see it as simply one ‘miss’ on one ‘take' or one shot at something.

If you can start seeing risk of failure from this perspective, then you'll quickly learn that it's simply a matter of re-taking the shot. The newly acquired knowledge of what doesn't work, coupled with a willingness to keep taking a shot, will eventually result in success.

Isn’t that the way we learned to do so many things as children? Things like tying our shoelaces and riding a bike for example.

If you're trying to win a teddy bear at a carnival and kept missing the target, would you call it a mistake? No. You’d call it a miss instead of a hit. Would it teach you something? Yes. It would teach you to improve your aim if want a ‘hit’, right?

That’s how we need to look at new ventures in life. Some will be hits and some will be misses. None will be mistakes in the sense of how that word is usually used to mean failure.

Creativity and Confidence make the best bed buddies.

When we engage with creativity, we partner with our curiosity and intuition in order to make something. Intuition works like a road make to guide us forward, and curiosity encourages us to keep going until we find something that works.

The creative process ignites our intuition, and revs its engine to a level where we can sense, feel, or hear it. It drowns out other noises from the outside world, and turns the volume of our inside world up to 11.

We all possess an inner voice of wisdom or intuition, but in today’s world we seldom recognize it, let alone tap into it or use it to help guide us along life’s journey.