Making Art Making Money (© ANN REA)

I decided to get real serious this year about developing a profitable creative business. Last year was great, awesome in fact, in so many ways. I actually made a small profit instead of going in debt. That's huge. Not many start-ups (in any field) can say that after only one year. I'm very proud of that fact, and extremely thankful to all collectors of my artwork.

I learned so much about myself, my capabilities and my desire to create in 2017. The process of making art has opened up a whole new window into my soul. How many windows are there, you might ask? Well, the answer is many, and I'm starting to see/open up more and more of them.

I believe that every human has a unique story to tell. We may share the same experiences, but how those experiences affect us is usually quite different. As it turns out, I have a lot of stories to tell and they are pushing my brush to the canvas these days.

2017 was my year of the "Super-Brain". Both sides of my brain were firing on all cylinders, literally. I learned (and use that word loosely) a new language while simultaneously developing artistic abilities. No wonder I didn't sleep much!

What the year really taught me was that IT IS indeed possible to teach an old dog new tricks. :-)

I'm hoping that in 2018 the learning trend will continue, but perhaps in a more focused way.

Somewhere within the few 'breathing days' I took over the Christmas holidays, I started researching different online courses that may be of interest to me.

At first, I started looking at courses that concentrated on teaching artistic techniques. While those courses are great, and I will probably take several over the coming years, I stumbled upon a very interesting course by Ann Rea, a visual artist in California, USA.

Ann's year long course is called "Making Art Making Money" and it specifically targets people like me who want to better understand their artistic mission (in other words the driving force to create; why we do what we do) and then how to use that mission to structure a creative enterprise that best supports it. Isn't that fantastic?!

I was hooked from the get-go.

I watched about a dozen or more interviews from real live artists that had taken her course just to make sure it was legit. Everyone from musicians, to visual artists, to sculptors, writers; etc..... basically people who had a creative enterprise, spoke about how the course had changed not only their business, but also their lives. It showed them their purpose and how to craft that purpose into a profitab