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You are not alone....

I am just home from an extraordinary experience that I feel compelled to share. I'm compelled because something (or someone) is telling me that one of you need to read this today. So here I go.

If this message means something to you, then please let me know by hitting reply or sending me a private email. I am now more certain than ever before, and convinced without a shadow of a doubt, that we do not walk alone on this plane of existence.

Those of you that know me, know I've suffered from extreme chronic pain in my neck and shoulders for about 30 years now. As a result, I seek treatment on a regular basis to manage the pain. I have been very lucky to find a wonderful massage therapist here in Norway that I've been working with for over a year now. His name is Haukur Sigurdsson and his practice is at 360 Kiropraktor in Revetal. You can contact him via the clinic if you'd like to book a massage.

Haukur is more than a massage therapist to me. I believe he is a healer. His intuition is highly tuned, and the more he taps into it and trusts himself, the better he is becoming as a healer. I have experienced several awakening or ah-ha moments while under his care, but today something extraordinary happened.... something that he definitely could not have had prior knowledge off.

From time to time during my treatments, he has told me he is being guided or directed to a specific spot on my shoulder or arm or neck; etc. As soon as he reaches there, he finds the trigger point that needs work. This never fails, and it is an example of his high sense of intuition at work. Sometimes he also has thoughts or words run through his mind during the treatment. The good thing is he shares these phrases with me even if they don't make any sense to him.

Today as he was working on my arm, he suddenly said, "I have to tell you something".

I said, "Sure. Go on." I've become accustomed to this happening on a pretty frequent basis now.

He continued by saying, "Someone will be going home with you today to help you continue to heal."

"Okay. Sounds good," I said, and thought to myself - "I can use all the help I can get!"

I never know what he is going to say, and I'm always eager to hear it, but what he said today brought out a very powerful emotional reaction from me.

He said, "It will be a Black Panther."

Not a tiger, not a lion, not a jaguar, ........ but a Black Panther! This may mean nothing to you, but if you are from my area of St. Shotts, you will instantly know the significance of a Black Panther.

Black Panther was my father's VHF 'handle' back in the day when VHF's were all the rage! He had one in the truck, one in the house, one on Cape Pine.... and I think at one point he even had one in the shop! He loved those things. I'll never forget the day he spray-painted the words Black Panther on the back of the big aluminum box on our truck. I remember thinking, Wow! He's really embracing his VHF name! It was actually that image of those words on the back of the cargo box that immediately sprang to mind when Haukur said "Black Panther".

All of this hit me like a bolt of lightening. Poor Haukur was taken aback because I instantly started to bawl (yes, bawl... not a whimpering type of a cry... but a full-on bawl). In that second, I knew without doubt that my father was sending me a strong message that he is still here with me, and is actively helping me in my healing process. I can't think of any other better way or words he could have used to grab my attention! Dad! He had his moments of brilliance!

I'm writing this because I know how difficult Christmas can be when you are missing a loved one. Perhaps it's your first Christmas without them, or maybe it's been many years like it has been for me. It doesn't matter. That loss feels as real today as it was that first Christmas. I'm not here to preach that it gets better over time because really, it doesn't. At least it hasn't for me.

What I am here to say is that we need to be open to receiving these messages. However, sometimes we let the fear of pain get in the way. I strongly believe our loved ones try to communicate to us on an energetic level. Energy is energy. We are energy. Energy doesn't die. Our bodies die.

It was such an incredible gift to receive this message today. I can't find the right words to tell you how much it means to me... to know, just to know.

For many years, I wouldn't let myself be as open to receiving as I am today. I was afraid. I was afraid of walking too far out on the edge of that pain. Sometimes fear puts a padlock on our hearts - it might be effective (for a while) in keeping out the pain, but it also keeps out the good stuff.

Open your heart. Maybe your loved one is trying to communicate with you. Let them in without fear. Look for the signs. Yes, you may cry, maybe a lot. I certainly cried today, but it was not a cry of fear or pain. I cried because I experienced a knowing so deep in my soul that it resonated through me and now out to you. I am 100% certain I am not alone - and neither are you. I removed the padlock from my heart today and in doing so received a beautiful message from my father that I will cherish for as long as I live.

If you have had a similar type experience, I would love to hear it. Please send me a message. Or if you just want to talk through the pain of being without a loved one at Christmas, then reach out. I'm here.

Blessings to you.


Painting by David Stribbling. You can find it here


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