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What happened to March?! I was writing the date on something today and realized we only have a few more days left in this month!

To say it's been busy around here would be an understatement. It's all good though. It's been great in fact with tons of stuff getting done... everything except my Monthly Newsletter so this post will serves as a quick update.

I've been painting every chance I get, and have completed several small pieces - some which are studies for larger pieces, and some which are for sale. I'm actually participating in a market here in Norway tomorrow thanks to my good friend Kristina for letting me know about it.


I've also been working on several commissioned pieces with the largest one I've ever done being presented to its new owner tomorrow as a 75th birthday present. I think I can share it here because he's not active on the web.


My business course is also going great. I've learned so much in such a short time and have found THE best supportive creative community EVER!

Since coming back from Newfoundland last fall, I've been wanting to be part of a community. I've tried to 'fit in' to an existing community of artists here unsuccessfully (sadly). I'm not exactly sure why that is. It could be a language thing? Anyway, I'm not one to take defeat easily, so I set out to try to form my own little creative group, and have made some really nice connections with other artists via Instagram mostly. I've invited several so far to be part of my "Behind the Canvas" series. I'm hoping to make good on several promises to do an interview after Easter break.

Without realizing it, I walked into a wonderful community just by registering for this course. I've had online study sessions with other artists in Norway, UK, Canada, and USA so far. Everyone has been wonderful. It's so great to know that you are not alone in trying to figure it all out.

I've also been busy as a bee creating pieces for my "Song Series". As with most things in life, there has been so much more involved than originally anticipated.

Some of these songs were written decades ago, and of course I was a different person then than I am now so the emotional intelligence I bring to the song today is completely different than the raw emotion that birthed it. I didn't think about that before I started. It's been good though, gut-wrenching at times, and completely cathartic - a full circle feeling. I really hope I have been able to capture the essence of each song and what it meant to my life back then and now. We'll see soon enough I guess.

Speaking of which, I've also been working on confirming exhibition dates both here in Norway (June) and in Newfoundland (September). I'm really excited to share this project and all I have learned from it. I'll keep you posted as places, dates and times get confirmed.

Here's a sneak peak at part of my favourite piece so far: "Just One More". I don't want to reveal too much, but I'm busting to share something!

I've also been organizing two Appreciation Parties for my wonderful supportive friends both here in Norway (May 3rd) and in St. John's, NL (April 12th).

If you are a Newfoundland subscriber, you already know this and have received an invite. If you happened to miss it or forgot to respond, now is your chance. Reply to this email or respond on the Facebook Event page. Please note that invites for the Norwegian party will go out after Easter.

I'll clue up this post with a sincere wish for your health and happiness this Easter. I am super grateful to be traveling to Newfoundland in a few days to celebrate with family and friends. I also get to be there for my sister's birthday which hasn't happened in a decade so I thrilled about that. I'm sure you'll see some posts of our shenanigans over the coming weeks.

Seriously folks, Spring is in the air! There is so much promise in Spring for all the life that is about to blossom and bloom. I love it! There's still plenty of snow on the ground here in Norway, but I'm looking at a sweet bouquet of yellow tulips as I write this. Flowers can make such a difference to mood, don't you think?

Happy Easter everyone........ eat all the chocolate you can get your hands on. I'm sure I will :-)


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