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Who were you before the world got at you? #WritingPromptWednesday

For today’s #WritingPrompt, you’re going to travel back in time to when you were a young child. I’d like for you to describe yourself in as much detail as you possibly can. List all of your favourites…...and why they were your favourites.

- What was your favourite thing to do?

- Who was your favourite person?

- Where was your favourite spot?

- Favourite smell, favourite taste, favourite thing to touch; etc.

Once you have that written, and especially the ‘why’ parts. I want you to come back to present day and examine how many of those favourite things exist in your world today - and if they don’t, then why not?

Why is this an important exercise?

It’s important because our passions, our interests, the things that made us curious back then….. Have not gone away. In a sense they’ve been ripped from us as being ‘too childish’. In other words, somewhere along the line, the world told us to get serious about life. This is not a place for fun.


It is soooo a place for fun. It is within fun things that we come back to ourselves - to the person we are meant to be - to the joyful child we used to be.

When you are aware of what truly stirs your soul; of what intrinsically inspires you, then you are presented with an opportunity to intentionally create more of that in your life.


#WritingPromptWednesday is a self-paced, self-directed writing challenges by #AmmoArtworks that encourages you to examine self-awareness topics affecting mindset and perspective. There is no reporting, posting or submitting. It is your private process and you are accountable only to yourself. For previous “WritingPrompts” see blog posts:


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