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Thinking Small vs. Dreaming Big #WritingPromptWednesday

When was the last time (if ever), you went all in on your personal growth and committed to doing whatever it takes to accomplish your dream(s)?

Often times it's not the lack of technical ability, tools or effective strategies that hold us back. It’s a mindset of ‘smallness’ that's to blame. Small thinking like:

Who am I to think that I can……?

What would people say if I …….?

I’m not smart enough, young enough, old enough, wise enough, connected enough, rich enough, fat enough, thin enough, healthy enough……. Have I hit your favourite “not enough” reason yet?

We do it to ourselves. We limit our capacity by buying into these false beliefs.

For this week’s #WritingPrompt, I want you to write about the ways you’ve held yourself back, and the false beliefs that have led you to do so. You might be thinking... but I don't need to write it out to figure it out; I already know. I'm here to tell you to get out on paper or keyboard and do it anyway because I want you to start seeing things in a different way.

Trust me. Do this simple process. Get clear and on paper all the reasons why you haven't gone for your dream.

Once you’ve completed your whole output of reasons why, I want you to look closer underneath those reasons. Where is your thinking holding you back? Where are you choosing to think small? Where are you thinking and feeling ‘not enough’? And, is that something you know as absolute truth, or is it just a story you're telling yourself?

Once you see all those excuses for the load of baloney they really are, I want you to take the process one step further.

List at least 3-5 (you can do more) small steps you can take towards your dream…….. And then TAKE THEM. Then write 3-5 more and TAKE THEM.

Let me know how it makes you feel to think big instead of small.

You got this! You can do it. At the very least you can explore the option. You're worthy of that dream - go get it!


#WritingPromptWednesday is a self-paced, self-directed writing challenges by #AmmoArtworks that encourages you to examine self-awareness topics affecting mindset and perspective. There is no reporting, posting or submitting. It is your private process and you are accountable only to yourself. For previous “WritingPrompts” see blog posts:


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