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My latest painting did not 'suddenly' appear. This one took some doing as they say. It has a lot of layers and a lot texture as well. I worked on this on and off over the last two weeks or more.

The name 'Suddenly" came more as a feeling within the last few hours of working with this piece. I just noticed my wording there and was about to correct the phrase, but realized that with most paintings it seems that I need to work with it to let it become whatever it needs to become.

This canvas actually started out as a landscape. It had mountains in the distance and mostly a blue sky, but as I worked with it, I began to get a sense of water instead of land.

I have a deep connection with the ocean. I suppose that's why it shows up so much in my paintings. However, I feel that "Suddenly" is more reflected of a lake or a pond than of the ocean.

When I paint, I go into some strange sort of meditative state without really realizing I'm doing it. I don't try to bring it on. It just sort of happens. The more I paint this way, the more I realize that I am really tuning in, or turning up the volume on my feelings, and I believe that emotion then transfers to the canvas. At least I hope it does.

While doing this one I got the feeling of sudden change. Not necessarily meaning 'bad' sudden change, but a change that comes out of the blue (pardon the pun).

To be truthful, my life has turned on a dime more times than I can count. The simplest, or what I thought was a simple decision, propelled my life in a completely different direction than anticipated. This was not always good, but not always bad either. Each time, good or bad, I learned what I supposed to learn. Mistakes do not exist in my world, only lessons. If something bad comes from a choice of mine, then I was meant to deal with that situation because it came to teach me something and in doing so, fulfill my life's mission.

Change is something that most everyone instinctively fears. The uncertainty of change can be petrifying. So much so that a person may stay stuck in a situation much longer than they need to. How do I know that for sure? Because I was that person. I had already gained the lesson already, but was too afraid to move on because the devil you know....blah, blah, blah.

I'm here to tell you that moments of sudden truth come to you for a reason. It's up to you to listen, to make a decision and to take action. That's how you transform your life!

Okay, whoa.......that was a bit of a rant! Plus I'm way off topic....sorry!

Back to the painting, ....yeah.

To be honest, my basic feeling around this one was sudden change and broken ice. Those two things don't usually result in a happy ending. Sadly, several years ago for two young men from my small community in Newfoundland, this situation was fatal.

Unfortunately, there was another fatal accident reported in the news just recently near my hometown. Perhaps it was these things: memories + similar news that has brought on this painting for me. I don't know to be honest. All I know is that it is here, and that it has a certain 'aliveness' to it when you see it in person.

I just posted it on Instagram and have received some interesting comments. I'm always intrigued by how differently a painting can be interpreted by different people. One person said that it was 'awe-inspiring', while another said it 'oozes peace' for her. I like that. Maybe my departed friends are trying to let us know they are at peace. I believe in stuff like that. So... as a result, I dedicate this piece to Wayne and John William, and to the love and memories they left behind.

RIP lads.


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