Storms don't break us - They build us #WritingPromptWednesday

Going through a rough time can feel like a never ending storm. It can feel as if you'll never see clear skies again.

Every day feels more isolating, confusing, and hopeless than the last.

Then suddenly, you start to see a small light. As you move towards that light, it starts to get brighter. As it gets brighter, you start to forget the dark storm clouds that once seemed never-ending.

Transformation feels like we're shedding our skin. Letting go of old thought patterns and habits can be very painful and scary.

But know this.... it is the journey within the storm we find personal strength and wisdom for our lives. The 'storm journey' teaches us just how strong we truly are, and it transforms us into someone different than we were.


For today's #WritingPrompt, I want you to view one of your life storms with a bird's eye. I don't want you to dive into the guts of it, but rather to look at it as if it's someone else's storm; look at it as an observer.

Ask yourself the following 5 questions, and answer them honestly. Don't engage with the emotional pain or trauma (if that's the memory you're recalling..... and by the way, it doesn't have to be a traumatic memory, just a memory). Try to remain emotionally neutral while you write the answers.

1. Recall a memory of a particular life event. With that memory, see yourself there and witness your feelings. What is your impression of yourself in that moment? Who is that person? What is he/she experiencing in that moment? Don't write a novel, just recognize the feelings/impressions and jot them down. The language you use is not as important as the 'observer's impression.

2. What are your impressions of the other people involved in this memory you're recalling? How are they behaving? How might they be feeling in that moment? If no one else is there, then write about what a best friend might be feeling if they could see you in this moment.

3. How might the experience you had back then have impacted the way you relate to yourself...... and to others ..... in the present day? How is your past showing up in your present day thoughts, feelings, behaviours, reactions; etc.

4. How has this past experience affected the evolution of your personal history? In other words, how has it influenced some of your behaviours, beliefs, reactions; etc.

5. Freestyle write about some ways you can release or resolve the influence this one PAST experience is still having in your PRESENT day.