Spring = New possibilities. New Projects

Don't you just love this time of year? Here in Norway, everything is starting to come alive again after a long and cold winter. The trees are budding, the bees are buzzing and the birds are chirping. I just love it!

I enjoy being out in the yard this time of year clearing away dead bush and making way for new things to come.

I also have a feeling of renewal for AMMO Artworks this Spring. There are plenty of new art projects and new art shows in the works.


I'm about to host my second Art Appreciation Party this week. I held one on April 12th when I was home in Newfoundland and had over 60 people attend. It was so wonderful to say thank you in person for all the support I've received there, and to also make some new friends and announce some new projects.

While I don't know as many people here in Norway, I do have some strong supporters and many others that are curious and interested in what I am trying to accomplish with my work. I'm really looking forward to showing my gratitude and launching several new projects on Thursday, May 3rd. So if you're in Tønsberg area and are reading this, please drop by Veivisersen Behandlingssenter (Stenarmen 3A) from 19.00-21.00. I'd love to see you.


While home in Newfoundland, I secured space at the Arts & Culture Centre Arts Gallery (St. John's) for Sept 7th and 8th. I'm very excited to bring this performance exhibition back home to Canada.

The "Song Series" is a special type of exhibition where I have taken 10 of my original songs and created an image for each one. The show will consist of telling the story behind each song, some of which were written over 20 years ago, then performing the song and unveiling the painting by explaining its symbolism and meaning. Creating this series was a very interesting journey for me given the different emotions generated when writing the songs so long ago, and now creating a painting that reflects deeper understanding many years later.

I'm very excited to share this show with the world, so I was more than a little disappointed to learn just a few days ago that the venue I had lined up for my "Song Series" Performance Exhibition in June here in Tønsberg have decided to NOT open this season. This means that I'm left searching for a new venue.

As with most things in life, necessity breeds creativity. Therefore I've come up with what I hope is a creative solution that will help me to achieve my objective of gaining more exposure here in Norway.