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Off to a Great Start!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope all of you that recognize the season had a very enjoyable holiday. 

For me, the beginning of a new year offers up so much possibility. I know a lot of people start the new year with a list of resolutions of how they want to improve their lives. I used to do that, but found it to be a very ineffective practice. I'd start off with great intentions, but lose steam right about now: two-three weeks into the year. 

I still start the new year with a renewed focus on improving areas of my life, but now I do it differently. Instead of making a list, I pick a word. It takes a little time and thought to choose the word that feels right, but so far the process has been worth it for me. Once I have my word, I then try to infiltrate or apply that word to as many areas of my life as possible.

Last year my word was "creativity", and I think if you have been following this blog, then you might agree that I had quite a creative year in more ways than one.

This year my word is "wellness" and I intend to be more conscious of how I can bring wellness to all areas of my life: mind, body, spirit, home life, work life, and of course my business life - AMMO Artworks. 

So far, I'm off to great start! :-)

Late last year I decided that I would develop and offer some unique initiatives each month or so. These initiatives are designed to align with my artistic mission of "Create-Inspire-Transform". I call these CIT Initiatives, and I ran the first one in November/December: It was a month long Facebook event that focused on Kindness. On the Facebook Page, people could share stories of kindness and in doing so inspire others to also be kind. I believe that lives can be, and are, transformed by the smallest act of kindness :-). Plus, it makes you smile :-).

My second CIT Initiative is an online art-making course that guides participants to get in touch with their own intuition and creativity.

I believe in the process of creating from your soul, and in using your instincts and your intuition to make art. As a result, I broke the creative process into 5 manageable steps that guide the participant to get in touch with their own emotions and intuitive voice when making a unique piece of art. The course is beneficial for any person, including experienced artists as well as someone with absolutely no art-making experience. 

Right now, I have 10 wonderfully creative and enthusiastic participants in the first ever "Soulful Art Making Course" I am so excited about their progress so far and seriously can not wait to see their final art pieces in a few days. 

I have also enrolled in an online business course that will not only help me to expand AMMO Artworks, but it will also further my personal wellness goals of staying true to myself, my mission for the business and my own values as a creative person. Exciting times!

I've also been doing a lot of substitute teaching these days at an International School here in Norway. As a result, it's a bit of a balancing act to keep my own physical wellness in focus. I am after all only one person and there is only 24 hours in the day. I think I have really chosen the right word this year :-).

What word would you chose for yourself this year? I'd love to hear your feedback on this idea versus an actual list of resolutions. Have you ever tried this method? Want to join me? Let me know your word in the comment box. 


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