How to Find your Purpose and Follow it with Passion

What is your purpose, and how do you find it?

That's a loaded question for most of us. Our lives are full of 'to-do' lists, short-term goals and plans, and long-term objectives. Somewhere underneath the daily business of our lives lies our purpose.

You've aligned with your purpose when you feel it on a deep soul level. Connecting with your purpose feels like being set on fire from the inside, and that feeling radiates outward in all areas of your life. Ideas seem to come from nowhere and everywhere. Motivation is no longer an issue. You feel connected and driven by something unexplainable.

I just recently performed a short version of my "Song Series" at a Women's Gala in Hermitage, Newfoundland. They invited me to be their keynote speaker for their annual event, and I was absolutely honoured and humbled by the reception I received from 226 people in the room. It was the biggest validation I have felt thus far that I'm on the right path - I have aligned with my purpose. I felt it at a deep soul level as I spoke individually with attendees and they shared some of their experiences with me. I will never forget Hermitage and what I felt in that room and with those people. I'm forever grateful.

So how do you get there? How do you align with your purpose?