How's your bobber floating?

Is there anything more important than becoming aware of the random thoughts that run through our minds? I think not. It can be a life-changer.

Last week I finally started going for a morning walk again through Teie forest. It's a perfect 5km walk from my house and back. I love listening to music while I walk, but this morning I decided to listen to a podcast by Esther Hicks (Abraham Teachings). While a lot of what she said in that interview was not totally new to me, I did find it very useful as a reminder to be more aware of my vibrational frequency.

She gave a great analogy that I'll try to share. In short, if we want to attract the life we desire, we first need to focus on getting rid of the lower negative energies or thoughts that keep us down. She likened it to the action of a bobber. She said that once we get rid of or clear the shame, the blame, the guilt, the anger, the hatred, the worry.... or whatever negative emotions that are hold us in a lower frequency, then we have no choice but float to the top.... like a bobber.

Don't you just love that!

So it got me thinking.... what's holding my bobber down at times? The answer that came to me is self-doubt. Sometimes I question my ability to accomplish a goal. I may have the desire for it, but deep down my belief is that either I can't do it, or I'm now worth it. For example..... developing a consistent plan to be more active and to eat more healthily. Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind I've been telling myself that I'm not capable of that, or I'd be there already, right?! I've been holding my bobber down on health and fitness!