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How do you choose to decorate your life?

I'm a big flower person. I absolutely love the variety of colours, shapes and scents that each beautiful bloom provides. This time of year, we are blessed to have a full garden in bloom. As a result, fresh cut flowers are a common addition to our table and our house in general.

As I was driving to work today, I was thinking about flowers and the ways in which we choose to decorate our homes. We make deliberate decorative choices for our homes because these choices provide comfort and a pleasing effect for us, our families and hopefully our guests. We are proud of the spaces we create, or at least we should be. Creating a feeling of 'home' for our living space that makes us feel good has a very powerful effect on our emotional and mental wellbeing in general. If your current space makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, then I strongly recommend changing that as soon as possible.

Every day we make deliberate decorative choices for our spaces and for ourselves - from hairstyle to clothing, shoes, accessories; etc. With all of these we are making a statement through our choices. That's cool. I'm all about expression in every form possible. We may not think about it on a conscious level, but energetically we are most certainly communicating a message.

We not only carry and communicate a message and an energetic charge via our outward appearance and environment, but also in the way we interact with others. The way we speak, and the way we behave also 'decorates' our persona. The good news is that we can choose how we wish to decorate our persona just as easy as we choose how to decorate our body, or our bedroom.

The tone we use when speaking says more about our persona than it does about the issue we are discussing. The choices we make about our perspective also reflect our inner attitude. When we express ourselves in a negative way (i.e. the glass is always half empty), this expression carries an energetic charge that can rapidly darken a bright room. Have you ever been in the presence of a complainer i.e. someone who automatically complains about everything? How does being around that energy make you feel? Do you automatically support that energy by commiserating/agreeing with that person? If you do, then guess what? You have now doubled the dark/negative energy and have made the choice to decorate yourself with it as well.

The good news is that we can make a conscious decision about what we want to send out into the world as an expression (decoration) of ourselves. It takes practice though.

It takes practice finding and seeing the bright side (i.e. the glass is always half full), but I promise you it is there. There is a lesson in everything. If you start looking for it in every situation, then eventually that is all you will see. It will come automatically. Then this becomes the decoration that you choose to express your persona through. Your thinking and behaviour will follow suit, and will feel much happier overall.

Just as we consciously choose to decorate our spaces and ourselves, we also consciously choose to decorate our lives with a particular type of energy. In fact, we are in a constant state of renovating, remodelling, or messing up our inner space.

What we focus on always expands. If we focus on seeing, creating and expanding positive energy in our daily lives, then that is what will increase in our lives. It is really that simple.

As you move through your day today, take some time to consider the type of energy you are choosing to decorate your life. As Dr. Wayne Dyer is so well known for saying, "when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at begin to change".

I'd love to hear some examples of how this shift in perception has changed your life. Feel free to share your story. I'm sure it will inspire me, and all that read it.

(Article also published on Elephant Journal)


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