How do you choose to decorate your life?

I'm a big flower person. I absolutely love the variety of colours, shapes and scents that each beautiful bloom provides. This time of year, we are blessed to have a full garden in bloom. As a result, fresh cut flowers are a common addition to our table and our house in general.

As I was driving to work today, I was thinking about flowers and the ways in which we choose to decorate our homes. We make deliberate decorative choices for our homes because these choices provide comfort and a pleasing effect for us, our families and hopefully our guests. We are proud of the spaces we create, or at least we should be. Creating a feeling of 'home' for our living space that makes us feel good has a very powerful effect on our emotional and mental wellbeing in general. If your current space makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, then I strongly recommend changing that as soon as possible.