Creating an "Inspired" Life

What does it mean to live an inspired life?

I believe it means living a life that feels purposeful – a life that resonates deeply with your soul’s desire.

How and where do you find inspiration? Why is it important to live ‘inspired’? When can you access inspiration? Who do you know that has it? What can you learn from them?

There are a lot of questions around the concept of inspiration, so let’s break them down one by one.


Who do you know, or who are aware of (you don’t need to know them personally), that in every sense of the word appear to be living an inspired life? What can you learn from that person?

The first person that pops to mind for me is Oprah Winfrey.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Oprah and the presence she is in the world. I love her, I mean I LOVE her, because of the way she’s using her life to help others. She’s not only living an inspired life herself, but she has motivated millions to do the same. I mean, wow! Talk about living a life with purpose!

Oprah has taught me that in order to be, do, or have anything in this world (my dreams), I have to first believe I deserve them, but also, and just as importantly, I must think, act, and live in a way that serves not only my deepest desires, but the well-being of others.


What exactly is an inspired life? What does it mean to be ‘inspired’?

Is it just a feeling? Or is there something more substantial to being ‘inspired’?

How are purpose and motivation connected to inspiration?

The ‘what’ for me is the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning – with bounce and enthusiasm. That last part ... the bounce and enthusiasm.... is very important.

I’ve worked countless jobs that were anything but inspirational. It literally hurt my heart (an