"Course Correction"

"Course Correction"

Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas

40cm x 60cm


I had no idea what direction I was taking with this painting while I was painting it, and I really didn't know its meaning until I had it finished. Sometimes painting is like that for me. There is obviously something inside of me that needs to be expressed and sometimes it's not until the piece is completely finished that I can then recognize what that is.

You may be wondering how I decided when a painting is actually finished or not, especially if I'm not completely sure what it's supposed to represent. Well, the easy answer to that question is that I get a feeling about it.

Usually I hang the painting in my dining room so I can see it at different times of day and get a sense if something needs fixing. Sometimes there's a slight addition or alteration that has to happen, but to be honest, when most pieces graduate from studio to dining room wall, they are indeed finished. It just takes a few days for me to arrive at, and to accept that conclusion.

This piece has been hanging in the dining room for about 5 days now, and I'm finally ready to release it to its new owner, its new home, and its new wall.

The colours in this piece are so luminescent. The pictures really do not do it justice. As the light changes throughout the day, so does the intensity and luminosity of the colours. As I watched the transformation from morning light to evening dusk over the last few days, it made me think about how we go through different periods of life; periods that are brighter or darker than others.