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"Behind the Canvas" featuring Jodie Thornbury

Being out of the studio has its positive and negative aspects. On one hand I miss creating, but on the other hand it frees me up to do a whole lot of thinking.

Those of you that know me, know that this could potentially be dangerous lol. I can have some pretty wild ideas at times, but every now and then I hit on an idea that just simply feels right.

On a visit home to Newfoundland in October, Reidar and I attended the 25th Anniversary MusicNL Awards at the St. John's Convention Centre. For me it felt like coming home to a creative community that I used to be part of. I was a member of the organization for many years and served as a Board Director for quite a few years as well. To say I'm proud of what this organization has done for the music scene in our province would be an understatement!

As a musician singer/songwriter, there is no better place to be than St. John's, Newfoundland. The music community, in fact the entire arts community in general, are very supportive of each other. Collaborations happen all over the industry, across genres and generations. It's a beautiful thing to see and an even more beautiful thing to be part of.

I don't perform much anymore. I guess my creative soul is expressing itself in a different way these days. However, I do really miss being part of something; being with and supporting other artists.

I have a strong desire to build a creative community of visual artists where we can share our stories together, talk about techniques, promotional ideas, the things that are going well in our businesses (and those to avoid), and whatever else may transpire.

Never known to sit and ponder much wondering about whether something is a good idea or not, I jumped right in and contacted an artist friend to see if she would be willing to be my first featured artist. Thankfully she agreed and with her permission, I am sharing our interview.

Jodie Thornbury is a creative force to be reckoned with. Her artworks are unique, original and they tell a story. Personally I feel she is just beginning to tell her story. I'm excited to see where her creative journey will lead her in the months and years to come.

She has a wonderful sense of humour, a keen business sense and a passion for all that is art and artistic. She has always been a strong supporter of the arts community and I feel she deserves to be supported in her journey as well.

Watch our conversation below:

Check out her work and drop her a message at


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