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50 Years of Spreading Joy

While coming into my Blog space this morning, I found this old post I'd written back in July but never got around to posting..... so here it is now. It captures my initial reaction to a John Fogerty concert we saw back in July in Norway.

Musical Celebration

First of all, it was more than a concert. It was a celebration of life and a career that miraculously span five decades since Woodstock. Before heading to the show, I had a quick email exchange with a friend who said he'd seen Fogerty perform a few years ago, and made the comment: "that guy's got the fountain of youth!" Man, he wasn't kidding. Seventy-four years old and rocking it out with an incredible band, most of whom are decades younger than him - including two of his sons.

Music has such power to uplift, inspire and heal. I walked into that arena feeling burnt out - I'd been feeling so overwhelmed with all the hats I'd been wearing while trying to get my book and album completed and released - but I walked out feeling rejuvenated and inspired. THAT'S the power of music... any artistic expression if you ask me.

John Fogerty told a story without actually speaking the words last night. He showed us. The show was so well orchestrated and put together - from the 70's/80's dancers placed throughout the audience before the show started, to the incredible visuals before, during, and even after his performance, as well as the pyrotechnic effects on stage - it was first class!

But the thing that got me most was his joy - my god that man was happy to be doing what he was doing! The gratitude and grace he felt was all over his expression. It was something else, and it touched me deeply. The pride he showed for his two sons on stage was palpable. He didn't have to say it, he felt it, and it showed. Such magical moments.

Then the songs. I mean how simple yet profound - from "Fortunate Son" to his tributes to other Woodstock artists - just incredible. There was no evidence of ego whatsoever.

Before going to the show, I knew I'd enjoy the music, but I didn't expect to be so moved by it. To be honest, I expected an old guy up there trying to recapture or re-live his youth. He doesn't have to recapture anything because he still has it. He's an inspiration to us all to keep living and squeezing as much joy as we can into every moment. Impressive!

Rock on John!


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