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Through the Church Window

Through the Church Window

It was a cold winter’s day in 1988. I always sat on the right side of the church because from there I could see down to the beach. That day the sea was very rough. It looked angry, just as angry as I felt. I was raging on the inside just as hard as the sea was pounding outside, maybe more. 

I remember cursing HIM and the sea for all it had taken from me, from my family. The tears welled up again and I wanted to run out of that church so bad, but I knew I couldn’t deal with drawing more attention to myself.  So I swallowed real hard until the lump was pushed down as far as I could get it. 

Grief and anger are very powerful emotions. They hold an energetic super-charge that has the power to make or break us. It is so strong that it’s easy to forget that we hold all the power. The decision on how to weave it into our life’s fabric is 100% ours. If we believe it will break us, then it will. If we believe it will make us stronger, then it will.    


This image is available as a 10x12 inch matted print = $40 CAD

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