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"Fjords and Fjells"
  • "Fjords and Fjells"

    "Fjords and Fjells" 

    30x30 cm (12x12 in) times 2 ready to hang

    Original Acrylic Paintings on Gallery Box canvas


    I started these pieces sometime in late June or early July. While working on them, I wasn't sure what they were trying to become. To be honest, that happens sometimes. Sometimes I just need to let them be for a bit before the full story reveals itself to me.


    To do this 'figuring out' phase, I usually hang the piece, or in this case the two pieces, in my dining room for a while. I look at them from day to day, and usually get a gut feeling that they are either finished, or need more work. With these pieces, I was convinced they were ocean waves tossing about, but knew they weren't finished yet.


    Contact me regarding delivery options and costs because they will differ depending on where you are in the world. 

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