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A lighthouse is a universal symbol

of strength and guidance.

But without its light, it's simply a tower.

Its power and purpose is in its light.

By igniting your light, you too will be guided

by your inner strength and guidance.

"Be the Lighthouse"

What would your life be like if you:

-  had the confidence to be your true self?

-  believed in all your gifts and talents?

-  knew exactly what you wanted and how to get it?

-  could make solid decisions and trust them?

-  had the courage to stand up for what you want?

-  never feared judgment or rejection?

-  found your life purpose and created a plan to start living it?

Would having these things make a difference in how you feel and how you show up in your life?

If you feel like something is missing in your life, then it probably is…. And I’m willing to guess that it’s YOU – the real YOU.

When you’re not fully present in your life, you do not feel abundance, aligned, focused or content.

It can feel like life is just dragging you along for the ride; that life is happening “to you” rather than “for you”. It can feel like you’re faking it, and you’re never gonna make it!

Living this way affects your mental health, your relationships, your career and so much more. How do I know? I know because I’ve lived it.

I created “Be the Lighthouse” for woman who want to live life from a more connected and aligned place. They want to reconnect with their own inner wisdom and start believing in themselves. They yearn for something more in life – more purpose, passion, and fulfillment – and they find their way there through “Be the Lighthouse”. 

Inside the program I share simple, practical tools and techniques that I used to turn my life around and truly start living my BEST LIFE.

It starts with elevating your awareness, understanding how to manage your mind and learning how to put these principles into practice. 

Below, Teddy Ryan describes what she learned in "Be the Lighthouse":

When you connect these dots, and start living from your soul's compass, all areas of life improve because YOU improve your most important relationship  - the one with yourself.

When you're well with yourself, you're well with the world.

Image by Simon Maage

All of this and more is possible for your life.

With the right tools and mindset techniques, your life will flow with much more ease and a lot more joy.

Get back in the driver's seat!

Take the wheel and start purposefully and intentionally creating the kind of life you want.

Life is damn short - and you deserve to be happy!


"Be the Lighthouse" is an 8-wk coaching program that teaches you how to resolve mental blocks, overcome limiting beliefs, and end destructive thought patterns that have been holding you back in life.

This is more than a 'positive thinking' program. For lasting effects, you need more than affirmations and mantras. There's nothing wrong with those things, but if you want to make substantial changes, you need actionable steps.

Through this program you'll

  • grow in confidence and self-belief

  • do the necessary work to uncover what's really holding you back

  • learn and apply my Cup of TEA™ Thought Model to reframe any limiting beliefs 

  • gain clarity around what you want in life; and

  • create a concrete Life Design plan to help you achieve it!

Those answers won't come from me. I can help guide you to them, but your answers are unique to you.

I'm not the kind of coach that waves a magic wand or pulls tricks out of her hat. To find your answers, you'll need to dedicate time, effort and commitment to doing so.  

As your coach, I'll provide:

  • Creative ways to approach self-discovery - we'll have fun with art, writing, visualization exercises; etc.

  • Tools and techniques to help you understand thought processes and how to manage your own thinking

  • Accountability - I'll 'call you out' when you procrastinate or make excuses (because it's usually out of fear and doubt) 

  • Professional Coaching on how to shift mindset and perspective by applying practical principles

  • Personal Experience - The most common compliment that I get from clients is that I'm not just talking the talk, I'm walking with them. That's because I've already been down this road. The guidance and direction I offer comes from my own journey of transformation and I know it can lead you to yours.

Client Testimonials

You'll learn how to:

- cut through the fog of mental clutter and silence your inner critic

- use creativity to focus inward and access your soul's compass 

- regulate emotions by understanding what's behind them

- energetically reconnect and align with inner guidance

- understand how to create the life you want; and


- design a plan to go get it!

Two options to choose from:

Small Group or

Small Group + Individual track

Both options run for 8 weeks and include weekly:

  • training video (via email)

  • homework assignment & feedback via email support

  • 1-hr zoom group coaching call - #replays available

  • additional supplemental trainings (Wednesdays) within a private Facebook group - #replays available

* Both Package Options contain the same content and delivery.

* Clients with the Individual track option will access to all the group sessions as well as 8 additional personal 1-to-1 private coaching sessions.

Registration for the next offering of "Be the Lighthouse" will open soon.

If you'd like to be notified when it does open, please send an email.

Spaces are limited (on purpose), so it pays to express your interest early.

Think about what you want to change in your life.

No matter how much doubt you may have,

I'm here to tell you that you can change your life and feel better.

You simply need a new approach. You need: 

  • practical tools and easy techniques

  • creative ways to manage your thinking

  • principles that make your brain work for you

  • systems that tap into inner strength and guidance


"Be the Lighthouse" for your own life!!


These women and others invested in themselves, and in doing so have changed their lives in so many ways for the better.

Your life is also worth investing in because



You'll be taken on a progressive self-discovery journey that uses creativity to explore and reconnect with inner truth and awareness.


Through guided activities, you'll access your intuition and find the answers that are right for your life.  


This is deep work and as such, it is broken into manageable pieces that build upon each other. 


You'll gain greater awareness through the assigned actionable steps of the program and build momentum that leads to greater alignment and understanding of the 'self' as a whole. 


The purpose of all activities and assignments is to uncover what is personally true for you.


This is a program about living authentically through energetically aligning with who you are at your core with consistent mind management principles and the power of self-belief. 

As with anything in life, you will get the most out of this program by being open to new concepts, trusting the process presented to you, and exerting a willingness to learn by doing.

More from others:

"I've been working with Michelle for several months and I'm continuously astounded at her ability to turn complex ideas into everyday language, and provide the tools to guide me." 

~ Teddy Ryan (email me to ask about Michelle)

“Be the Lighthouse is an empowering program that creatively helps you reconnect to your soul and spirit through a variety of unique exercises and approaches.” ~ Laurie Drover

"Connecting with Michelle’s wisdom and encouragement has been a guiding light in my healing journey. She truly helped me realize my talents and positive qualities to move forward along my authentic path!"

~ Tim (email me to ask about Michelle)

"When someone has a way of asking the right questions to guide you to the right answers, that's a winning combo. Michelle has helped me feel more confident in making decisions, trusting my intuition and choosing what's right for me. She 'gets' people."

~ Judy Squires (email me to ask about Michelle)

"Michelle has so much power to help others along their self-discovery journey. She possesses a strength that comes from her own personal growth. She is a beacon of light for many."  ~ Denise 

"Michelle is a true authentic visionary, being in her presence will open up a whole new realm if you are are open and willing to expand your understanding of self care and growth."

~ Lisa Walsh, Business Collaborator


"Be the Lighthouse"  provides training, tools and techniques to help you access your inner strength and guidance while developing a well-lit path to a life full of courage, confidence, and certainty. 

I'll let you in on 'not-so-well-known' secret: We're already equipped with the necessary tools, knowledge, and skills needed to create a happy and fulfilling life, but many of us lose our way along the way. The fog of life temporarily blinds us to our own power.


"Be the Lighthouse"  will guide you Mind, Body and Soul back to who you truly are - back to your authentic uniqueness. The tools, techniques and mind-shifting practices you'll learn, will help you create a future that's right for you - a future free of doubt, fear and uncertainty.

A quick note about me: I grew up at Cape Pine Lighthouse in Newfoundland, Canada. Yep, I'm a lighthouse girl. This means that marine metaphors are are part of my DNA, so you'll see them sprinkled throughout the program's content. 


I'm a teacher by trade, a creative at heart and a coach by choice.  I'm a visual artist, author, singer, songwriter and musician. I love words and I love finding creative ways to explain complex concepts.


I bring all parts of who I am to my coaching practice - I share my own journey of discovery, my own personal struggles, challenges and triumphs, and my own life lessons...... and incorporate it all with creative activities and mindset practices within the structure of a teaching framework.


My goal with "Be the Lighthouse" is to assist you in developing a stronger connection with your own inner guidance system - which I call the Soul's Compass - and through that connection find your own light and understand how you can shine brightly in the world. 


Your light is there, it's inside you. It has just been dimmed. NOW is the time to flick the switch and really light up from inside. I'd love to help you rediscover this part of yourself because I truly believe that you can ......

Change your life today with

Learn how to live courageously by fully believing in yourself without fear of judgement or rejection.


Learn how to access inner guidance and strength to confidently meet life's challenges in a more relaxed, flexible and open way.


Learn how to make decisions with ease, and eliminate fear and doubt. No more second guessing yourself! 

This is what I know:

YOU can Be the Lighthouse of your own life.

YOU can face life’s storms with confidence and strength.

YOU can stop second guessing yourself.

YOU can live a happy and fulfilling life on your own terms.

YOU can heal your past and use it as a stepping stone to your future.

I know it's possible because I've done it.

Your past experiences have made you who you are today.

You get to choose how to use them to create a brighter tomorrow.

I'd be honoured to work with you.  

Nothing would give me greater joy than seeing

YOU light up your life.

I hope you decide to invest in YOU

and become a "Lighthouse Beamer"

Group Program

Benefit from group support and shared

experiences in the Group Program

Individual Program

Receive all benefits of Group Program plus weekly 

1-to-1 coaching on your specific issues.

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