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Membership Program

Are you trying to make a change in your life, but feel stuck, unworthy and alone?

Does any of this feel familiar?

•    You’ve been on a journey of self-discovery for years, maybe decades
•    You’ve read all the books, taken all the seminars
•    You’ve bravely faced your wounds instead of running away from them
•    You’ve invested in many things that promised a “better you”
•    You’ve been convinced that there’s a whole new life waiting for you

But things haven’t exactly worked out quite the way you thought they would. What you’ve come to discover is that there’s a big difference between learning and implementing….  and it’s that last part that you can’t just seem to master.

If there was a place...

... that would help you go beyond the learning and actually get to the heart of your matter by putting principles into practice, without feeling judged or unsafe…would you feel ready to truly make your healing and personal growth a priority?


Your chance of finding inner peace depends on your willingness to get vulnerable and dig deep. So, if you know that you’re not digging as deep as you could be, would you be open to accepting some help with that?


You’ve already invested a lot into becoming a better you – isn’t it time you start seeing some results and start feeling better about you and your life?


You deserve to find peace and emotional balance.

Image by Adam Nieścioruk
I'll be your coach, cheerleader, teacher and accountability partner.

The Academy Membership Program is a great place to do deep inner work and receive the support, encouragement and tools you need along the way.


I’ll be right there with you - through live coaching, monthly themes and weekly exercises, and regular 1:1 check-ins to see how you’re doing.


Through an accumulation of decades of answers I’ve sought and found for my own personal journey, as well as my training as a certified coach and licensed teacher, I’m ready and capable to help you through your journey of transformation.


Together we can forge an easy-to-follow path towards a happy, peaceful and empowered life…. all inside an amazingly supportive and loving community of fellow seekers, learners and practitioners.

You opened my eyes to things I didn't see before and you've helped me to transformed my life in ways I couldn't see possible.. until now.

Please never stop what you are doing.

— Susan, Canada

Thank you for giving us the tools and showing us how to use them by modelling them in your own life. You have given me hope that there is JOY in discovering myself!!!

Lisbeth, UK

What you'll get: 

When you join the Academy Membership Program, you’ll go beyond learning and actually start addressing your feelings and thoughts as well as gain a deeper understanding into your triggers and beliefs, all while feeling supported and seen.


You'll also be able to interact with other like-minded individuals who are also on a healing journey …… And that my friend, is where you want to be - inside a community that encourages, supports and inspires you to become all you are capable of becoming.


As a member you’ll receive content on a different self-awareness theme each month:

  • A training video lesson on the monthly theme

  • A workbook including journaling prompts and experiential exercises,

  • A meditation to help you connect with self, become more aware and more open to transformation

  • A live zoom coaching call to answer all questions related to the monthly theme

  • Access to a private Membership space to interact with others on a similar journey of self-discovery

  • An additional training from a featured Guest Expert practitioner related to each monthly study theme

  • I’ve worked with life coaches, therapists, and other self-help guides already. How is this any different?"
    I hear you. I’ve been there and done that too! I've learned from so many different mentors, books, classes, and teachings across the board in spirituality and psychology — some were life-changing, and others were so so. The truth is, I’ve experienced a lot of self-help offerings out there. In addition to my certification in Life Coaching, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programing) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) as well as working as a transformational coach, my training has also involved learning about energy healing modalities, meditation, yoga, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and more. It's been through studying and applying these teachings, coupled with my own sense of creativity and my teaching skills that I've been able to break down complex topics in such a way that people find them easy to put into practice. I don't fit the mould of the old schoolmaster, but I'll hold you to the fire just like she would. I'll make sure you put what you're learning into practice because it's only through doing that we truly change.
  • I don’t feel comfortable sharing my story in a group. Are you going to call on me to talk in front of other people?
    You are not alone in feeling that way, and I will NEVER pressure you to do something that you’re not ready for. That being said, this membership is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and experiencing real growth from the inside out. Once you get going, you may even surprise yourself! Most do. But please, if fear of public speaking or social anxiety is holding you back from joining us in this supportive circle, I want you to know that our community has a NO pressure and NO judgement policy — we’re here for you in whatever capacity you feel safe and comfortable.
  • I live in a different time zone, so what if the Live Teachings and Live Q&A‘s happen when I’m not available?"
    Members join us from all over the world, and while we can’t accommodate every time zone, we try our best to find a most suitable time, and if necessary will move around the days and times of the Live Teachings and Live Q&As each month to give everyone the opportunity to attend the LIVE sessions. In addition, every Live Teaching & Live Q&A are recorded and uploaded within 48 business hours of the event being over, so you can always go back to watch it! You won’t ever be behind.
  • I’m not sure I’m ready to invest money into my self-discovery journey... Can I get the same results with the free resources?
    I get it. Investing your money into any program is hard – especially if you’ve invested before and haven’t seen results. Here’s the truth – if you want real results, real breakthrough, real change – you will find that here. If you want the support of a close-knit community to help you along the way, to help keep you accountable and to help work through tough times, you'll also find that here. If you want to keep trying things on your own and getting the same results, then there are a multitude of free resources out there. But if you're ready to stop living on auto-pilot and finally step into the life you’ve always wanted; plus you're willing to do the work to get there – then this is for you!
  • I want to join, but I’m already spread thin. How much time will it take each month?"
    That's totally up to you! Most people spend on average 30 minutes a week on the self-discovery work… that’s really all it takes to experience a HUGE transformation. The live teaching and coaching sessions are around 1 hour or less, meditations are between 15-20 minutes, and the Zoom call will be 1 hour. Replays of all trainings, workshops, seminars and Zoom calls will be available to you. The time you spend on the self-discovery work is up to you — the content will always be there for you to go back and reference. However, I encourage you to remember the reason you’re here in the first place - to learn and grow in awareness …. And to experience transformation, you must put in the time and effort! :-)
  • Can you remind me what I’m getting when I enrol today?
    The program’s material is delivered at the beginning of each month, and each month has a different self-discovery/awareness theme. You’ll receive access to a video training as well as a workbook, journaling exercises, meditation and any other related course content. Mid-month we will have a scheduled Zoom group call for lasting 1 hour. In addition, at some point in the month, we will have a Guest Expert Speaker deliver a short workshop/seminar-style training based on their expertise and our monthly theme. Throughout the month, you will have access to me as well as other members via a private Facebook group set up just for THIS community. Each individual monthly training as well as the Expert workshops are valued well over the annual fee of $300…. So that’s like getting 11 months FOR FREE!
  • How Do I Cancel My Membership?
    If you wish to cancel, you need to email me at If requesting a cancellation on a monthly payment plan, you must do so 7 days prior to your next billing cycle charge to ensure you will not be charged again. Once deactivated, you lose access to your previously paid content.
Ready to Join us?

You can only join the Academy Membership Program once a year.

Registration for 2021 will close on December 23rd, 2020. The Membership program will run from Jan. 4th - Dec. 31st, 2021.


If you register for annual fee for 2021, then as a Founding Member

you'll receive the same rate for 2022 membership enrolment.

Pay Monthly or

Save $144 Annually!

As a member you’ll receive content on a different self-awareness theme each month:
•    A training video lesson on the monthly theme 
•    A workbook including journaling prompts and experiential exercises,
•    A meditation to help you connect with self, become more aware and more open to transformation
•    A live zoom coaching call to answer all questions related to the monthly theme 
•    Access to a private Membership space to interact with others on a similar journey of self-discovery
•    An additional training from a featured Guest Expert practitioner related to the monthly study theme


Register for the Annual 2021 payment and

lock in the same fee for 2022 as well.

20% Flash Sale Launch Discount does not apply on this item


$37 / Month


$300 / Year



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