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"Be the Lighthouse"

Tap into Your Own

Inner Strength and Guidance

An eight week Group Coaching Program designed for women who want:

  • To be free from worry, stress, anxiety and uncertainty about their future

  • To feel more connected to SELF and stop feeling like life is just 'happening to them' 

  • To stop doubting and second-guessing themselves

  • To find more purpose, passion, and fulfillment in their lives

  • To learn simple and practical tools/techniques to feel better

  • To connect the dots of their lives – find meaning and purpose from past experiences

  • To access and trust the guidance and wisdom of their soul's compass

  • To grow in self-awareness, self-confidence, self-belief and self-acceptance

  • To shine their light in the world & stop feeling like a FAKE!

Group Program

Proposed Next Offering: mid-Jan. to mid-Mar 2023


The program content will be delivered each week via:

  • training video/lesson (sent to your email)

  • homework assignments (submitted by email)

  • 1-hr group Zoom coaching call on Zoom - #replay recordings available

  • additional supplemental trainings and interaction with Michelle and other participants via a private Facebook group

* Total estimated time commitment per week is approximately 3-4 hours minimum.

* Replays are made available if you miss any LIVE lessons or recordings; or if you just want to rewatch.

Program Dates: May 2nd to June 26th

Registration closes on April 30th

or when all spaces are SOLD.

Only 12 spaces available in total.


Secure a space TODAY

by making a downpayment.


Still have a question?

Pop me an email.

Please Note:

This is the last time the program will be offered in 2021

Client Testimonials

These women and others invested in themselves, and in doing so have changed their lives in so many ways for the better.

Your life is also worth investing in because



A word from Michelle:

Dear friend,

I created "Be the Lighthouse" based on my own personal journey from self-doubt to self-belief.


If you feel there's something missing in your life, then I’m willing to guess that it’s YOU – the real YOU.


That's exactly where I was before doing this inner work. I was absent in my own life! 

When you’re not fully present in your life, it's impossible to feel abundant, aligned, focused, at peace or truly happy. You need to first be fully connected to your own inner power, strength and guidance. 

Feeling as if life is happening “to you” rather than “for you” affects your mental health, your relationships, your career and so much more. I know this because I’ve lived it.

“Be the Lighthouse” is for woman who are where I used to be and who want to be where I am now - living from a more connected and aligned internal space within myself.... from which everything else flows.


I've used my teaching skills, my certification training in Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming, as well as other self-healing modalities I've used on my own journey to put together this very in-depth and comprehensive program.


But it's not all serious! In fact, we have a lot of creative FUN! As a multi-disciplined artist, I lean strongly on creative arts as a self-discovery tool to help participants uncover deeper meaning and purpose from their life experiences.


If you want to reconnect with your inner wisdom and start believing in yourself more fully, completely and authentically, then this program is for you.

Inside “Be the Lighthouse”, you'll learn practical tools and techniques that I used to turn my life - the same techniques that I now teach inside the program. I've walked the walk :-). 


"Be the Lighthouse" is an incredibly powerful program in so many ways. Through group work, lasting connections and bonds are made. These bonds have lasted and remained strong well after the program ends.

I hope you decide to join us. It really is a very unique and special experience.


Reach out to me personally if you'd like to discuss the program in more detail. I'd love to hear from you.

~ Michelle

A lighthouse is a universal symbol for strength and guidance.

But without its light, it's simply a tower. Its power and purpose is in its light.

By reconnecting with your Soul's Compass and igniting your inner light, you too will find inner strength and guidance.


You will "BE the Lighthouse" for your life!

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