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Everything you need to know about Commissions

What are commissions?

In art, a commission is the hiring and payment for the creation of an original piece of artwork. Artwork may be commissioned by private individuals or groups, by the government, or by businesses. 


What's the process?

There are several options when you consider commissioning a piece of art:

1. You may choose to commission a piece of art that is similar to a piece the artist has previously made. In doing so, you can specify a particular size, the same or different colours and any other details that you want to see in or omitted from the piece. In essence you can 'create' your own piece of art based upon your preferences. It can be similar to another piece done by the artist or it can be based on a similar piece done by the artist.

2. You may choose to commission an entirely new piece of art by discussing your idea or concept with the artist. This type of commission is most successful when both the artist and client thoroughly discuss the details of the piece and come to a mutual agreement about all aspects of the work.

3. You may also choose to commission a piece simply based on the artists portfolio and style. In this scenario, the artist is given more freedom by the client to 'go with the flow' when creating the piece fully knowing that the client is open to the end result.    

What is involved?

The artist and the client enter into a relationship whereby a contract is developed, agreed upon and signed by both parties. The contract outlines such items as the timeframe for completion, the scope of the project (particular details if given), the payment schedule and amounts, as well as the number of consultations between the client and artist during the commission duration i.e. initial discussions and progress updates.


Please feel free to contact me (without any obligation) if you would like to inquire more about commissioning a piece of art.  

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