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"Songs from the Song Series" is an album of original material that I recorded as a result of the "Song Series" which was a performance exhibition of my original songs and the paintings I'd created based upon them.

It was the "Song Series" audiences that encouraged me to record the CD as well as write the full story behind the songs and paintings in my first book, "Stepping Stones".


The CD can be purchased separately or part of a bundle with the book. 

The "Song Series" Reviews

The "Song Series" has been performed in Canada and Norway with invitations to take it to other parts of Scandinavia, Europe and the Middle East. 

Full description, media articles and interviews, as well as pictures and audience reviews can be found on the "Song Series" section on this site.

If interested in booking a "Song Series" performance for your group or event, please email Michelle to check availability. 

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