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Registration open until January 29th for:

"Ignite your Light"

4-week Group Coaching Program

Starting February 1st.

Through learning about, understanding and putting specific awareness principles into practice, you'll find your inner light, and fully ignite + activate it.


You'll learn how to trust your internal guidance system and understand how to use it to live an authentic and happy life. 

You'll grow in self-confidence; ditch the doubts that have been holding you back; and silence your inner voice of criticism and self-judgement.

Each monthly training will center around a particular area or topic of awareness that will be studied in greater depth and detail.


"Ignite your Light" will unfold (each month) in the following manner:
✨  - a training video via the Art of Awareness Academy (this website)
✨  - a journalling workbook with detailed writing exercises for exploration
✨  - a guided meditation to further embody your own unique experience with the content/material.
✨  - group discussions with Michelle and other participants via a private Facebook group.
✨  - group zoom call with Michelle and other participants at the end of the month to further incorporate the lessons and learning.

"Ignite your Light" has the following unique benefits:
🔥  In-depth learning - you'll do more than just scratch the surface of these topics
🔥  Embodiment - you'll learn ways to put these principles into practice in your daily life

🔥  Accountability -  you'll have an anchor for the ongoing process of increasing mindfulness and awareness

🔥  Community - you'll learn so much from group discussions and sharing of examples

🔥  Encouragement - as part of a group program, you'll be encouraged, inspired and supported all the way. The friendships that have been made between participants in my programs have been 'off-the-charts' incredible!


"Ignite your Light" can be opted into (or out of) on a monthly basis.


For less than the cost of a coffee a day,

you can elevate your awareness to heights that will:

HEAL past wounds;

DEVELOP self-acceptance;

INCREASE feelings of worthiness;

LIGHT your way to a more

conscious and intentional life.



Registration closes on January 29th.

The program starts on Feb. 1st.

You can opt-out at any time or

choose to stay opted-in with

your credit card automatically billed each month.

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