Self-Worth Portraits

What is a Self-Worth Portrait (SWP)?

One thing it is not, is a painting of someone's face! It is an abstract painting of your highest self - a reflection of all that you are capable of when you trust and believe in yourself.

How does it work?

To begin with, I'm available to answer any questions you may have. If we agree that this is a 'fit' for us both, then we will set up a time to do a short consultation. I require a 25% deposit upfront and the remainder paid upon delivery of your painting.


Together we will have a short consultation lasting approximately 45 minutes. I will ask some specific questions and guide you through a 5 minute visioning exercise. The information I gather is held in the strictest confidence. In fact, I insist on us both signing a Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement. Our conversation will help me to develop a concept and design for your painting. Once the painting has been completed, we will meet again for the reveal. In addition to receiving the painting, you will also receive a full description of how I created your piece, and the rationale behind the decisions I made. The remainder of the fee is required upon delivery. I will also provide you with an official Certificate of Authenticity for your one-of-a-kind painting.

Why offer this kind of painting?

I want to help people believe in themselves. I feel I can be of service to others by creating something that is not only aesthetically appealing, but also holds great value and meaning for the recipient.


Like most people, I have struggled with low self-esteem. I have not always been as kind to myself as I could have been. Over the years, I have learned that in order to live a happy and successful life, one must cultivate a strong sense of self. We do this by developing a strong belief in ourselves and our abilities. With more self-acceptance and higher self-worth, we are capable of achieving all that we dream of. 

Developing healthy habits, becoming aware of our self-limiting beliefs and having reminders of our capacity for happiness, helps us to build back or increase our self-concept and self-worth. Your Self-Worth Portrait will hang in your home as a reminder of just how valuable you are in this world. It serves as a touchstone to your highest feeling of worth or value. 


Who is a SWP best suited for?

Anyone and everyone, of course!  We can all take a boost in how we view ourselves in the world. Our thoughts and beliefs are our strongest tool. They can either build us up or break us down. That's why it is so important to become aware of our self-beliefs on a daily basis.


Commissioning a personal painting like this for yourself, or as a gift to a loved one, results in a very meaningful and memorable experience. Those that have received a Self-Worth Portrait have been moved to tears, have taken active steps towards living a more focused life, and have expressed an increased sense of self-esteem.

But.... don't take my word for it..... view some SWP paintings and see what the recipients say here.