Soulful Art-Making Course

A guided intuitive process re-connecting you with your creative soul

by shutting down your inner critic 

Course Content

This program is offered in two formats:

1. A self-paced online course; and/or

2. An in-person group team building activity (5-6 hr. duration with a lunch break)


The program is specifically suitable for individuals that want to develop greater trust in their instincts and abilities. If your inner critic is stopping you from stepping forward either as an art-maker, a 9-5 professional or as a business leader, then this program is for you. Learning achieved here can be applied to personal and professional environments that require innovative thinking, instinctive decisions, and creative solutions.

Through either online or in-person format, you will explore the creative process by reconnecting with your inner most self. I refer to this authentic part of YOU as your soul. Call it what you will, but it is the part of you that is uniquely you. It is your voice. As children we were very connected to our instincts and intuition. However as we grew out of childhood, we stopped listening to our soul's calling or our intuitive voice. This program is a guided journey back to that part of yourself.


In this program, you not only create a unique piece of art which could only come from your soul, but you will also learn how to listen and trust your instincts and intuitive voice. The focus of this course is not artistic techniques per se, but you will pick up some technical tips while learning how to develop, compose and complete a piece of work that resonates with your soul. No previous experience necessary. You must simply have a desire to create. .


Through both in-person and online delivery formats you receive guided instruction, visual demonstration and detailed written information that leads you into your soul to see what is waiting to come out and express itself. You have the freedom to choose what type of art you want to create and what type of materials you will use. Participants in the past have done acrylic paintings, mixed media collages, and wire sculptures, all from the same guided instruction. How you wish to express yourself is totally up to you. While it is nice to walk away with a meaningful art creation, the process of believing and trusting your own intuition and abilities is where the true learning is in this program. This 'take-away' learning can then be applied to all areas of life. 


In general, you will participate in the following 5 Steps.

Step #1: Image inspiration and Mind-mapping

Step #2: Intuition and Sketching

Step #3: Composition and Mood

Step #4: The Process of Art-Making

Step #5: Finishing and Feedback (The Critiquing Process).

Course Time: Self-paced or one day (i.e. from 10am-4pm in-person team building activity). 

Course Place: In-person (group booking) or Live video messaging, and written instructions via a Private Facebook Page

Course Preparation: Information will be provided to participants prior to course start time. You will need your own materials. For group in-person bookings, some materials may be provided. This course works with all mediums of artistic expression: painting, collage, sculpture; etc.

Course Cost: $149 CAD per participant. Payment options depend on location, and can be decided once you are registered. I accept Vipps, E-transfer, Transferwise, Paypal, Credit Card, and Cash. 

Course Registration: Ongoing. Please complete the form below or send Michelle an email. An online version of this course will soon be available via


"Thank you Michelle for offering the online Soulful Art-Making course. I highly recommend your course to anybody who wants to create an original work of art. I am quite elated with my painting's transformation from step one to step 5. This course inspired me to create a totally unique piece based on my own feelings and emotions rather than something that physically exists in "the real world" so to speak. I am a self taught artist and must admit initially I felt a little intimidated about it all, however, your guidance and encouragement gave me the confidence to keep going and I'm so happy with the finished product. Each step got the creative juices flowing and sparked a new fire to create what is in my heart. I feel I gained valuable insight as to the process that goes into creating a work of art. I loved listening to your daily videos and I really liked teaming up with the group to get and give feedback on their pieces. Great instruction, doable timelines, fantastic results!"

~ Rachel Stratton, Nfld, Canada

"I really enjoyed the Soulful Art Making course!  If you are looking for something different, something that allows you to think and CREATE outside the box - then this is totally the course for you!  Michelle’s concept leans more towards the creative journey and experience.  A journey and experience that is inspiring and oh so surprising!  There are many options available online these days when it comes to creative learning and expanding artistic capabilities.  Lots of great tutorials out there and sure, it’s nice to do “exactly what somebody else did” but, wouldn’t it be really great if just for once, you could create and design something that was truly your own… a wonderful piece of art that was unique to you, made by you?  Well now you can and I know you can - with Michelle’s Soulful Art Making course."

~ Tracy Brunet, New Brunswick, Canada

" Soulful Art Making was valuable for me on many artistic levels, and I highly recommend it. It was practically helpful in differentiating the stages of my process, making it more purposeful and confidence inspiring; and spiritually helpful in allowing me to engage my mind, heart and soul at once in the creating, making it a more fulfilling and satisfying experience. Most interesting was Michelle’s way of showing you what to do, without showing you what to do, which is a neat trick! Emphasizing the value of a pure approach to creating, we were shown some of the more important ‘hows’, leading us to find personal ‘whys’, and on to creating ‘whats’ that were all our own."

~ Jeff Kelland, St. John's, NL Canada

"I highly recommend Soulful Art Making. The creative process, from inspiration to creation, is explored in five simple steps. Each step is comprised of written instructions and a friendly video from Michelle. The videos were a highlight for me. The twinkle in Michelle’s eyes and her obvious joy and enthusiasm for art making is infectious. I am a novice painter and a little unsure of my artistic ability. I appreciated how reassuring and supportive Michelle was by encouraging me to be kind to myself; cheering me on when I faced difficulties; and generally being marvelous at banishing my self-doubt and fear. The whole experience was relaxing and rather therapeutic. The self-paced nature of the course allowed me to take a break when needed, and easily pick up where I had left off. The best bit? It was so satisfying to create something entirely unique to myself."

~ Tracey Leys, Sandefjord, Norway

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