Do you think or feel that you're not in the least bit creative? If so, then I challenge you on that and offer you a way to prove yourself wrong. 


This event is a full day in-person workshop suitable for anyone wishing to create a unique piece of art. Using my specific guided method everyone will receive the same instruction, but create something unique to your own intuition, message, calling, voice; etc. .... or whatever you wish to call the truest essence of who you are. I call it the soul.

In this workshop you'll:

- Connect more deeply with your soul's message or your own voice of intuition

- Learn how to de-code the creative process in a fun exploratory way

- Gain more confidence in your decision-making

- Learn different ways to unlock your own sense of creativity and curiosity

- Create a one-of-a-kind piece of art you can take home with you to proudly hang in your home

- Feel more grounded and connected with all parts of your being: mind, body, and soul

Registration Fee includes:

- All materials: a variety of paints, canvas and/or watercolour paper to create your masterpiece, collage materials, brushes as well as other creative instruments and art making supplies

- In-depth guidance and instruction by me - an experienced creator and educator

- Simple Lunch provided - registered participants will get an updated menu

- Two scheduled tea/coffee breaks - you're welcome to bring sweets to share if you wish (not required to do so)


I hope you join us for a creative fun experience designed to shift your personal perspective of what you're capable of doing, expand your creative abilities, and ignite a sense of confidence in all areas of your life. I promise you'll feel freakin' awesome, make some new friends along the way, and have a great piece of art to take home and display!

If you have any questions, would like to register for the next workshop, or organize a workshop for your group, then please send me a message. 

I can't wait to create with you!

~ Michelle

Relax, Reconnect,

Listen to your Soul's Voice,

Let Go and Create

The Details:

Michelle will guide you through her unique five-step process to help you access your intuition, hear your soul's message, and use it to create a work of art that is profoundly meaningful for your life. 

Originally developed as a way to deepen her own creative process, Michelle is now sharing her method with workshop participants around the world. As a trained educator, she has deconstructed her own process and teaches it in such a way that anyone can follow, no matter what form of art you wish to produce.

During the Soulful Art-Making Workshop each participant creates a different unique piece of art even though everyone receives the same instructions. This is not a cookie-cutter type of workshop where everyone learns to paint the same scene. The resulting pieces are as unique and as wonderful as their creators. Past participants have created writings, paintings, collages, as well as wire and wooden sculptures.


Michelle teaches participants how to shut down the inner critic and open the creative floodgates. She demystifies and simplifies the art-making process so that with each step you develop greater trust in your choices, and deeper confidence and belief in your abilities. 

This workshop does not require any previous art experience - just an open mind and heart. The intrinsic learning acquired through Michelle's program can be applied to all areas of life, not just art-making.

A variety of creative art materials and supplies will be provided. However, if you have specific items or tools you like to use in art-making, then please feel free to bring them. The rule is - there are no rules, and never any mistakes. Anything and everything goes.

Inquire about the next event or organize one for your group.


$149 per person

(Includes taxes + everything listed above)


Please note: If you wish to give the gift of experiential, transformative, and creative learning

to a loved one, please contact Michelle ASAP to hold the space, and receive a gift certificate you can present. 

Rachel Stratton

“This course inspired me to create a totally unique piece based on my own feelings and emotions rather than something that physically exists in "the real world." 

Jeff Kelland

“Most interesting was Michelle’s way of showing you what to do, without showing you what to do, which is a neat trick! Emphasizing the value of a pure approach to creating, we were shown some of the more important ‘hows’, leading us to find personal ‘whys’, and on to creating ‘whats’ that were all our own." 

Tracey Brunet

“If you are looking for something different, something that allows you to think and CREATE outside the box - then this is totally the course for you!” 

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