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"The Day My Soul Spoke"

"The Day My Soul Spoke"

This one took a little time to evolve. I've been digging deep into some old emotions lately as I prepare for my "Song Series" performance exhibition. More than once I've battled with myself to overcome excuses to NOT do the show because doing this show puts me in a very vulnerable place and that feels quite uncomfortable. BUT....There is something stronger than my 'brain me' that is propelling me to continue. I think it's my soul.


I've asked myself more than a few times (well like 80 maybe) why I'm doing this. Every time the answer is the same - "because you have to Michelle".

Who exactly is telling me that?....... well ladies and gentlemen, that would be my 'soul me'.


I need to get this out of me that's for sure, and I hope that in doing so I can help myself as well as others. That seems to be what my soul said to me yesterday when it spoke. It also told me to buck the frig up and stop all this excuses nonsense..... it's some bossy that soul of mine!


Received. Loud and clear. And so, I shall proceed.


30cm x 40cm
Original Acrylic Painting on Gallery-Style Boxed Canvas


Contact me regarding delivery options and costs because they will differ depending on where you are in the world. 

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