Feel the Wind

Feel the Wind

No matter how far I wander in away from my homeland, scenes like this one will be carried in my soul. 


Growing up in a very barren and marshy part of Newfoundland, Canada there was ample opportunity to engrave the sight, sounds and smells of the marshes onto my psyche. Whether out berry picking or just hiking, the colours surely captivate your heart and soul. I marvel at the amount of plant life that exists in one square foot of marshland. It truly is amazing to get up close and look at it. But probably my favourite thing of all about the marsh and the barrens is its smell. If I close my eyes and think long enough, I can bring that intoxicating freshness to the present moment.


35 x 70cm

Acrylic and modeling paste on Canvas

1150 NOK / $180 CAD/ 535 AED