Image by Maryna Yazbeck


Below are a selection of some of my paintings that are currently available in my Shop.

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Image by Maryna Yazbeck


"Michelle, I was beyond excited looking through your website. Whilst it's been years since I have seen you, I can see those years in your work. The pieces speak for themselves, but they also speak to you. I love the abstracts. The mood they evoke is one of excitement and anticipation. Your choice of color is a total representation of the abundance of light you have witnessed throughout your many travels. You have shown up on this new road as an old soul with centuries of experience that is reaching out from the canvas and drawing us in. It is as clear as water that you have arrived. You are happy and you are loved. I was taken in today as I looked at your work. It has been years since something has awakened me to that degree. Bravo." 

~ Sharon Sinnott

"I have been waiting in anticipation for my paintings to arrive. After you dropped them off today and I unveiled them, they are even more beautiful in person! The textures! I love love love them! Keep up the great work."

~ Margaret Ann McCarthy

14_Blowing in the Wind.jpg
180624_The Day My Soul Spoke.jpg

"Michelle's art inspires me. Her art demonstrates for me the wisdom of the observation by James Baldwin that the purpose of art is to lay bare the questions which have been hidden by the answers. That is why her work is on my walls and will stay there forever."

~ Noel Daley

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