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In the 40-page "Transform your Thinking" eBook you'll learn:

- How to invoke personal autonomy for greater inner motivation and commitment

- How to get comfortable with change

- How to understand 'growth edges' and lean into them in order to move forward

- How to examine and question your thoughts

- How to tap into your own sense of possibility

- How to live in alignment with your core values and core beliefs

- How to recognize 'intuitive hits' and use them for guidance

- How to focus inwards using simple techniques

- How to identify and describe your inner advocate

- How to access and use your 'soul's compass' for guidance

In addition to these take-aways, you'll engage in the following practical exercises as you move through the book's content:

- identifying obstacles and clarifying challenges that stand between you and your desired life

- describing your dream in vivid detail

- recognizing mistaken beliefs or 'glitches' and how how to deal with them

- reframing your thoughts

The eBook can be purchased as a single item for $9.99 in the Shop section of this site.


However, I recommend purchasing the accompanying training video with the eBook for a total of $27.


In the accompanying video training, I'll take you through several journaling exercises that will help you examine and transform your current mindset.

You will learn how to:

 - Align your mind and energy with what you want instead of what you don't want

 - Use your mind to envision a different set of circumstances for your future

 - Recognize "Growth Edges" as opportunities for action

 - Access intuitive insight and inner guidance


In addition, you will learn

 - 4 Fundamental Rules of Awareness; as well as

 - 7 Actionable Steps for a Mind-Makeover

The biggest obstacle in transforming your thinking is a lack of belief in your ability to succeed. This eBook and accompanying training + journaling workbook will show you just how much you are capable of.

Click below to gain automatic access to both the eBook and the training. 

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