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The "Song Series"

The "Song Series" was born from my desire to combine two of my passions - music and painting - and present them by sharing my story of past experiences and the lessons learned from them.

The "Song Series" is a unique concept whereby I took my original songs and created a painting based on each one.


When I present the show, I share the stories and lessons I've learned through creating both art forms and how the process has helped me to heal a lot of past trauma. 

In addition to performing this 2-hour show at public venues (all 2020 shows in Canada and Denmark have been cancelled due to Covid-19), I also offer the show as a 'House Concert" in the privacy of your home for you and your invited guests. 

House Concerts have become quite popular around the world these days because they allow for an up close and intimate experience for both the performer and the audience. The level of interaction and engagement is much higher, making this a very VIP-type event and a fantastic alternative to a regular house party, dinner party, or going out to a bar for entertainment.

An impactful condensed version (30 minutes) of the "Song Series" can also be booked as a conference keynote. Please contact me to discuss options.

Cafe V pic

Tønsberg, Norway

Sandefjord, Norway

Long Harbour, NL - Aug 18, 2018

Long Harbour, NL - Aug 18, 2018

Trepassey, NL - Aug 28th, 2018

Trepassey, NL - Aug 28th, 2018

House Concert, NL - Sept 6th, 2018

Pictures taken at various Song Series venues

House Concert, NL - Sept 6th, 2018

House Concert - Sept 6th, 2018

St. John's, NL - Sept 14th, 2018

St. John's, NL - Sept 14th, 2018

Trepassey, NL - Sept 16th, 2018

Trepassey, NL - Sept 16th, 2018

Media Coverage

(SoundCloud required to listen to radio interviews)



VOCM Radio: Morning Show - April 4th, 2019

CHMR Radio: Colleen Power Hour - April 4th, 2019


Tønsberg Blad - Norwegian Newspaper Feature - March 8th, 2019


OZFM 94.7 Radio: Jiggs & Reels - August 26, 2018 

CHMR 93.5 Radio: Interview - August 09, 2018 

Newfoundland Quarterly Q&A Interview - August 09, 2018

The Telegram article  - July 02, 2018


It truly was a great show Michelle-You touched so many with your message! ~ Bertha

Michelle, you are going places!!!! A fantastic show. You are so inspirational, and your courage is to be commended. ~ Josephine

Michelle Myrick-Olsen and Her AMMO Artworks Song series was a hit. It was nice to see a full house there supporting such creativity. I highly recommend the show to anyone who likes great stories, songs and visual art. You won’t be disappointed. ~ Dion

Really enjoyed your show. Music, words, art, and a glimpse into the soul of an Storm Warrior named Michelle Myrick. Perfect! ~ Mary

Michelle, your show was fabulous, so glad I could attend. Reach for the stars, best wishes for the upcoming performances, I’m sure your audiences all over the globe will appreciate your multi talents and inspirational message. ~ Liz

I had the pleasure of seeing Michelle’s Song Series twice while she’s been home. She is so passionate, raw and giving of herself and her stories, one minute she has you in tears and next you’re laughing. Her art and songs are beautiful in equal measure. If you have the chance, do yourself the favour and definitely see her show!! ~ Joanie

I was at Michelle's "Song Series" last night and LOVED it! Her story is powerful and inspiring. It takes a lot of courage to show vulnerability that way and share with such honesty. I loved how she offered a different perspective on life based on her personal experiences. Hearing someones story through art (music and painting) is so refreshing and original! Thanks Michelle for such a great night and for sharing your creativity with us. It was an extra boost for me to keep working on creating my happiest life and honouring my true self! ~ Karine

Radio Interviews
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