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This is the 12th #WritingPrompt…. Three months have passed since I started this challenge at the beginning of the year. Due to this being a self-paced and self-accountable challenge, I’m not entirely sure how many are following at any given time.

If you are new to this weekly writing challenge, know that you can jump in anywhere and backtrack through the prompts. They do not have to be completed in a linear fashion.

I’ve set up this challenge, and will continue to provide writing prompts because I know just how valuable the writing process can be on a person’s self-discovery journey.

I’m still learning, I’m still growing, and I’m still writing. :-)

Writing has always been my go-to way to free myself from my past stories and false beliefs. It’s a way to discover the deeper truth of who I am as a person, and who I want to become.

It’s important to examine our memories because we’ve developed our self-concept (who we ‘think’ we are) from those memory thoughts we’ve stored about ourselves.

Sadly, most of those thoughts are false. Therefore, it takes some deconstructuring to get rid of the false ones and replace them with the truth.

For today’s #WritingPrompt I’d like you to examine and explore at least one false thought you’ve carried about yourself. Try finishing the following sentences to see what comes up for you. Don’t force it. Don’t overthink it. If nothing arises, then move on and freestyle write your thoughts.

I’m no good with …...;

I’m not capable of doing or becoming ….;

I don’t know how to……;

I’ll never …….;

Once you have these sentences completed, try recalling where/how the thought originated? How did it get woven into the fabric of who you think you are today?

Is it actually true? Do you know for a fact that it’s true? Honestly? Or is it just something you’ve been telling yourself because you’re too scared to try?

Now we’re onto something bigger…….. Go there. Uncover that false belief, and get rid of it.

You are capable of anything your mind can imagine and believe you’re worthy of.

Start changing your life by stopping your own lies.


#WritingPromptWednesday is a self-paced, self-directed writing challenges by #AmmoArtworks that encourages you to examine self-awareness topics affecting mindset and perspective. There is no reporting, posting or submitting. It is your private process and you are accountable only to yourself. For previous “WritingPrompts” see blog posts:

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