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Art Concept Parties

Host an Art Concept Party!

Are you interested in hosting a party with a difference?

Look no further - we have several fun and interesting options. 


Email me directly to customize and book your event. 

Talk + Art

This 1-2 hour gathering focuses on sharing, learning, growing and expanding.


I use art as a tool to facilitate group discussion on a variety of self-awareness topics such as "Mind over Matter", "Overcoming Adversity Through the Power of Self-Belief", "Determination", "Integrity", "Courage", "Honesty"; or something similar. 

Both the host and I will choose a topic in advance, then I create at least one, but perhaps several pieces of art inspired by the topic.


Through using art as a vocal point for discussion, participants more freely open up and express their opinions around the topic.


The art provides a one-step-removed type situation and this sense of detachment allows for more deeper and meaningful group conversations. Participants leave feeling energized and renewed with a sense of purpose for their both their personal and professional life. 

This type of event is not lecture-based. Rather it is a free flow discussion between audience members and the facilitator (me).


Reach out to discuss and co-create your unique one-of-a-kind event. 

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"Song Series" Concerts

Storytelling, Music and Art

I've been a professional singer, songwriter, and musician for over 30 years.


The "Song Series" was originally developed as a live performance exhibition. It was a way to combine my art and my music. 

By painting my songs, and sharing the stories that inspired both creations - song and painting - audiences related to the deeper meaning and lessons I'd uncovered for my own life.


We all live life from a similar emotional plane. Even though our experiences and circumstances may be different, we 'feel' and relate to life's events in similar ways.

House Concerts are a unique way to host an entertaining evening for you and your friends. You provide the space and I'll provide the show. Together we can turn your home into the perfect intimate setting for a moving and inspiring evening with a "Song Series" Concert.

Explore Art

Explore the creative process.

Ever wonder where an artist's inspiration comes from? Or how they develop concepts and designs?

An Art Exploration party is an opportunity to go behind the scenes and get an inside view of the creative process.

This type of party can take several forms depending on your preferences.


I can tailor my presentation to meet your needs. If you are interested in having several artists, I also has a large network of artist friends (sculptors, jewelry makers, ceramic artists; etc) that could possibly join as co-presenters depending on your preferences.

Contact me to customize your event.

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