Use Art  to Embody Awareness 

Have you ever struggled to hold onto the ah-ha moments of your life?


Have you had moments of reckoning that were swept away by the busyness of life?


When we take the time to embody these lessons, they become a part of the fabric of our lives.


Living from a place of connected consciousness can have a profound impact on your day to day. 


In this workshop, you'll learn how to access and understand the power of your own inner wisdom through a simple art process (no previous art skills or experience required). 


The creation of your "Wisdom Art" is guided by your soul's compass and it will stand as a testament and reminder of your own strength.


The workshop is informative, innovative and insightful. Creating in this way is a practice you can use over and over for years to come.

Download this short workshop as a welcoming gift for joining the "Art of Awareness" community. 

See a list of other Subscriber Benefits here: 


Learn how to quickly access your inner guidance system - your intuition - when ah-ha moments of soulful awareness arise.


Learn how to distill the core essence of your experience by creating a piece of 'wisdom' art expressing it.


Learn how to embody awareness by taking the practice beyond the workshop & creating your own 'Rule Book" of wisdom

You will learn: 

🎯 How to bring yourself to the center of your own thought processing
🎯 How to detect your warrior wisdoms
🎯 How to create meaningful expressive art that reflects your new awareness; and
🎯 How to fully embody the lessons of your life.

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