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This course is designed to introduce you to the three parts of "SELF" - the Child, the Adolescent and the Adult. I was introduced to this way of perceiving "SELF" through the work of Susan Austin Crumpton.


I've created this course by combining her concept with my own experience of applying similar principles gained from countless other psychology and spiritual scholars and teachers over the last 3 decades.


"Becoming Aware" is my gift to you. Why am I giving it away?

I'm giving it away because I believe that when you increase your level of awareness, you activate healing power and start seeing and understanding all parts of your-SELF with more compassionate eyes....... and when we change the way we see ourselves, we change our lives.


Everyone deserves the opportunity to make positive changes in their lives.

One of my favourite all time quotes comes from Dr. Wayne Dyer. He said, "When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change."

I firmly believe that the first and foremost 'thing' we need to see differently is ourselves. This is where the real journey back to true "SELF" begins.

Course Content

The course consists of three separate downloads: a 45-min. training video, a 15-min. meditation and a journaling workbook.

Most of our foundational beliefs were programmed in when we were children. Because we were so young when we absorbed the sights, sounds and experiences of our lives, we recorded them as emotional memories.


We didn't have language or the cognitive ability to analyze and evaluate what we absorbed. We took it all in and stored it as an emotionally charged beliefs. 

Now as adults, when we get trigger by life circumstances and react in an unexpected manner, we wonder why this is - why we feel or act in certain ways. Our reactions stem from these core emotional beliefs that were unconsciously programmed and stored as children.


THIS is why it's so important to reconnect with and heal our inner child.

“𝘽𝙚𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝘼𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙚” training course is designed to help you

  • reconnect with all parts of SELF: child, adolescent and adult

  • understand how these part affects emotional well-being

  • grow in awareness about how you’ve processed emotional memories as wounds

  • get clear about how these emotional wounds create the results of your life (aka have their hands on the wheel). 

This is deep work and it will produce long-lasting positive changes in your life. Be patient with yourself as you work through the material, and try to approach it with compassion and understanding for yourself.


You are a work in progress. Always remember, you're not broken; you're being built. With increased awareness you will become the person you're meant to become and have lasting happiness, joy and success.

I'd love to hear your feedback - so feel free to email me once you've finish the course. Enter your details below to access the course and to become a member of the Art of Awareness community.

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