Using Art as a tool to

Discover Soul Lessons

This course is about so much more than making a piece of art. It's about:

- reconnecting with your core essence - your Soul.

- learning how to tune into this part of self

- hearing its lesson for your life; and

- expressing its message

Course Description

Your Soul is the wisest part of your being. It knows all and it knows best.

When you tap into this inner wisdom, you access greater understanding about your past, more awareness in the present moment and intuitive answers for your future.

Your soul wants to speak to you and it really wants you to listen. This is something that a lot of us forget how to do - that's because the noise of life has a way of turning down the volume on our soul.

When you engage in creative activity, the volume starts to get turned up again. We start to slowly re-establish connection with this deeper part of SELF.

Through building upon and nurturing this connection in meaningful ways, we open a portal of deep self-compassion and understanding for all of who we are and all of what we've experienced so far.


This course is designed to help you connect with your soul and its message. Yes, you'll create a piece of art. Will it be a masterpiece? Probably not - and it doesn't need to be. What it will be is meaningful. It will have purpose for YOU and only YOU. This is what this course is about - discovering your soul lessons.

You do  not need previous art experience. You simply need an open and inquisitive mind, and a willing heart to do the discovery work. 


You'll be guided through an exploratory and creative process. The piece of art you'll create at the end will be unique to your intuition, inner guidance, knowledge, wisdom, voice .... YOUR SOUL.

What you'll Learn: 

- You'll discover how to shut down your inner critic and allow the creative floodgates to open.

- You'll deeply connect with your soul's message - your own voice of intuition

- You'll learn how to de-code the creative process in a fun exploratory way

- You'll stop doubting your choices and build confidence in your decision-making

- You'll develop different ways to unlock your own sense of creativity and curiosity

- You'll create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that only you could create. 

- You'll feel more grounded and connected with all parts of your being: body, mind and soul.

What you'll Need:


You get to choose what materials you'll use. They can literally be anything. Course participants in the past have made collages from household items, magazines, nature; etc. Others paint and someone even made a wire sculpture once.


The possibilities are endless and you won't need to break the bank to make your piece of art. I'll give you more details and suggestions inside the training videos.

Rachel Stratton

“This course inspired me to create a totally unique piece based on my own feelings and emotions rather than something that already physically exists in "the real world." 

Jeff Kelland

“Most interesting was Michelle’s way of showing you what to do, without showing you what to do, which is a neat trick! Emphasizing the value of a pure approach to creating, we were shown some of the more important ‘hows’, leading us to find personal ‘whys’, and on to creating ‘whats’ that were all our own." 

Tracey Brunet

“If you are looking for something different, something that allows you to think and CREATE outside the box, then this is totally the course for you!” 

What you'll do:


I'll guide you through my unique step by step process to help you access your intuition, hear your soul's message and use it to create a piece of art that is profoundly meaningful for your life. 

This process came about as a way for me to deepen my own creative practice. In this course, I've deconstructed my own process and teach it in such a way that anyone can follow it, no matter what form of art you wish to produce.

This is not a cookie-cutter type of course where everyone learns to paint the same scene. The resulting pieces are as unique and as wonderful as their creators. Past participants have created writings, paintings, collages, as well as wire and wooden sculptures.

In this course, I demystify and simplify the art-making process so that with each step you'll develop greater trust in your choices as well as deeper confidence and belief in your abilities. 

This course doesn't require any previous art experience - just an open mind and heart.


What you'll discover in this course will affect all areas of your life because YOU will be affected; you will be changed at a soul level. I truly believe that when we improve our relationship with SELF, we improve all areas of life.

Got a question? Reach out via email or proceed through the purchasing process and receive instant access to your course videos. 

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