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Make it a Masterpiece!

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"Becoming Aware"

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Are you ready to ....

Heal your Inner Child

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.... feel incredible?

Become the Artist of your Life

Hi I'm Michelle, welcome to my little spot on the web.

Awareness is THE tool that moves the needle between where you are right now and where you want to be. 

Your life is like a blank canvas. By putting awareness into action, your life can and will transform into the masterpiece.


How can I be certain? Well, I've done it for my own life. 

There is an ‘art’ to becoming fully aware. It involves understanding your thought processes so you can consciously transform your thoughts and manage your mind.

It involves so much more than switching a negative thought for a positive one or chanting mantras and affirmations - all which are great, but they don't really get to the heart of the matter.


I've learned that creativity is the quickest route to our internal guidance system or what I call the soul's compass. Once fully dialled in, your life will change dramatically. 

My job as a coach is to help you navigate your way back to this core part of who you are so you can unlock your greatest potential for happiness and success.


I look forward to our journey together. 

Tell me, how would your life look if you could...

  • manage your mind + eliminate doubt?

  • develop unshakeable self-belief?

  • live with certainty and confidence?

  • accept + love yourself just as you are?

  • heal past trauma + reach your full potential?


How would feeling this kind of vibrancy change your life? 

You have the ability to create the kind of life that lights you up from the inside.

It's time to dial into your own power to transform.


To help you on your journey, I've developed a suite of self-paced training programs. See details in the: 

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Access your 

Full Potential on Demand

through the

Art of Awareness


The future doesn't have to be viewed through the filter of fear and doubt. There is another way.

If you're here, then you probably have a deep longing for 'something more' out of life.


Maybe you're not sure that that is exactly and maybe you even feel guilty for wanting more because you already have so much to be grateful for, but somehow it still feels like something's missing. 


That feeling is the calling of your soul - and it's asking you to listen and pay attention. It wants you to become all you're meant to become.

If you could find a way to feel better about yourself; to stop judging yourself; to stop feeling not good enough, would you take it? 

If you had a guaranteed way to eliminate stress and anxiety, would you put it into practice?

If you could learn how to create an exciting and fulfilling future with courage, confidence and certainty, would you jump at the chance?


If you had someone who has been where you are and is offering you guidance, would you be interested in what they are willing to share?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you're in the right place. 

Registration is currently ongoing
for two Group Programs
scheduled to start January 2021
1. Academy Membership Program and
2. "Be the Lighthouse" Program
Details below:

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." 

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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The most important perspective shift you'll ever make is to change how you look at yourself.

To start feeling better about YOU and your life you have to start accepting ALL of who you are.


You do this by getting down to the heart of the matter by understanding

 - how your brain processes life circumstances

 - how you stored emotional memories as a child

 - how you form views, opinions and beliefs based on how you've interpreted your circumstances 

 - how you attached meaning to those circumstances and in turn create unconscious emotional wounds; and

 - how you can heal this part of your emotional body through understanding, loving kindness and self-compassion.


Because I feel this work is so deeply profound and important, I'm extending a gift by giving you access to my new training program: "Becoming Aware": 



By accessing this course, you'll also become a member of the community and receive a lot of other benefits, resources and free trainings.

A creative and unique group coaching program (with an Individual option) designed to help participants shake the shadows of doubt, fear and self-criticism so they can find their own inner light and learn how to trust it to guide in living an authentic and happy life. 

During the 8 week program, participants learn how to transform their lives by:

  •  using creative arts to tap into the guidance of the soul’s compass

  •  processing and healing hidden wounds from past experiences

  •  developing greater awareness about all parts of SELF (child, adolescent and adult)

  •  practicing mind management using my 𝗖𝗨𝗣 𝗼𝗳 𝗧𝗘𝗔™ Thought Model

  •  improving the quality of their most important relationship - their relationship with themselves

See full details here: 

Intake happens only once a year.
Registration for 2021 closes on Dec 23rd, 2020
Discover the ENERGY and POWER of The Academy Membership Program. 


While the content and material of the Membership Program can be worked through at your own pace, sharing a learning experience such as this with others who are also on a similar journey is a special dynamic in itself.


Each Month you will have access to:

  • Monthly Live Teachings

  • Members-only Meditations

  • Live Coaching Q&A call

  • Private member's space for group interaction

  • Guest Expert Speakers on Mindset and Awareness topics

  • Self-Discovery Work, Journaling Prompts and More!

To purchase separately, it would cost hundreds per month - but as part of the Academy Membership Program, these transformational teachings are much more affordable.

AND.... if that wasn't enough incentive, when you register as a Founding Member at the annual rate, you will lock in the same fee for next year as well! Boom! The bonuses keep coming!



Membership Program

"Be the Lighthouse"

Group Program

Pay Monthly or Save $144 Annually!


"I've been working with Michelle for several months and I'm continuously astounded at her ability to turn complex ideas into everyday language, and provide the tools to

guide me." 

Teddy Ryan

"When someone has a way of asking the right questions to guide you to the right answers, that's a winning combo. Michelle has helped me feel more confident in making decisions, trusting my intuition and choosing what's right for me. She 'gets' people."

Judy Squires

Michelle understands that the answers you so desperately seek lie within you already and she helps you to tap into your creativity to find them.

She guides you from a place of truth because she has been where you are.”

Vianne Chidley

"Connecting with Michelle’s encouragement and wisdom has been a guiding light in my healing journey. She truly helped me realize my talents and positive qualities to move forward along my authentic path!"

Tim Hayes

I'm a self-healing consultant and have tried and tested multiple tools and resources for self-healing, and self awareness/development.

I want to say that Michelle's the real deal - she walks the walk and is incredibly inspiring and insightful.

Emily Katz

"Michelle has so much power to help others along their self-discovery journey. She possesses a strength that comes from her own personal growth. She is a beacon of light for many." 

Denise Molloy

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